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Constance R. Hebert

Hebert, Constance

Dr. Connie Hebert is dedicated to catching students by motivating, teaching, and inspiring educators and parents.   She has presented seminars, model lessons, and inspirational keynote addresses and has authored numerous books focusing on how to grow smart, appreciative, literate, and engaged students.  As an author, national consultant and speaker, reading director and instructor, reading recovery specialist, and college instructor, her goal has been to catch falling readers, writers, and thinkers before it’s too late.

Areas of expertise
  • Reading Comprehension Strategies
  • Small- Group Instruction
  • Best-Practice Writing Instruction


Guided Reading: 20 Minutes Each Day

Do you have twenty minutes a day to catch and stretch your students?  This workshop will empower teachers with reading strategies, research-based knowledge, and motivating ideas that take just twenty minutes a day. You will discover how to get the most out of every guided reading session with young learners.

Catching Falling Readers with Model Lessons

How can you catch a falling reader and help them become successfully literate?  By observing these 20-30 minute model guided reading lessons, you will learn how to identify your students’ strengths and needs, how to help them accelerate rapidly, and how to bring them to grade level quickly and effectively.

Breathing Life into Comprehension

Are your students motivated and engaged while they read?  This energizing session focuses on three keys to building comprehension: prompting, questioning, and discussing.  You will discover how to breathe life into the teaching of comprehension and help your students grow as readers, writers, and thinkers.

Not All Leveled Texts Are Created Equally (Grades K-2)

Right book choices can work miracles for children.  This session will answer the many questions involved with choosing the right books for teaching young learners to read, including matching the right books to the right kids, good and not-so-good books for guided reading, using a variety of genres, and more.

 Parents as Teachers

Parents are the child’s first and most important teachers.  Come discover how to show, ask, or teach your child something interesting in common places and events that occur every day.  You can help them grow smarter, listen better, learn more, become appreciative, and make your child feel important and special.