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Beverley Anne Freedman

Freedman, Beverley

As an educational consultant, Dr. Beverley Freedman is involved in district and provincial reviews, strategic planning, and system improvement. She has worked in many aspects of education, as a teacher, administrator, superintendent, school inspector, curriculum developer, diagnostician, and instructional leadership trainer. Her focus is on equity, differentiation, and gender as a factor in education as well as the development of the instructional lens of administrators to improve the learning community.

Areas of expertise
  • School Evaluation
  • Leadership
  • System Improvement
  • Equity
  • Differentiation
  • Gender 


  • Collaborative School Reviews—How to Shape Schools from the Inside: School and system leaders must work together to achieve school improvement. Collaborative school reviews are powerful tools in the teaching and learning improvement process. Come join this interactive session and learn how to design, plan, and implement collaborative school reviews as part of your overall school improvement strategy.