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Joy Casey

Joy Casey grew up in the Denver metro area and attended the University of Denver where she earned her bachelor's degree in International Business. Shortly after graduation, she enrolled back at the University of Denver in their combined licensure and master’s in education program. Joy landed her first job in education in School District 27J in Brighton Colorado as a middle school math teacher. Since then, she has taken on the role of an instructional coach with a focus on increasing student achievement in math classrooms across the district. As an instructional coach, Joy has ran numerous coaching cycles based on teacher goals and student evidence, has developed and ran learning lab cohorts at the building and district level, and has lead professional development centered around best practices.

Certified in
  • Student Centered Coaching


  • Student-Centered Coaching: In this seminar, participants will be introduced to the theories and practices for student-centered coaching, a model for coaching that is less about fixing teachers and more about student learning. Particular emphasis will be placed on how student-centered coaching supports the implementation of the Standards for College and Career Readiness across grades K-12. Topics will include: coaching cycles with individuals and small groups, goal-setting with teachers, unpacking standards with teachers, scheduling coaching, and monitoring student and teacher growth across a coaching cycle. 

    Attendees will:

    • Understand the core practices for student-centered coaching
    • Compare student-centered coaching with other models for coaching
    • Support teachers to set measurable goals for student learning
    • Unpack the Standards for College and Career Readiness as an integral part of the coaching cycle
    • Document the impact of a coaching cycle from beginning to end
    • Establish a plan for collaboration between the coach and school leader

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