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High School Graduation

High School Graduation
K-12 Strategies That Work

  • Avis Glaze - Edu-quest International Inc., Former Chief Student Achievement Officer of Ontario, Founding CEO of the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat
  • Ruth Mattingley - Edu-quest International Inc.
  • Rob Andrews - Ontario Ministry of Education

June 2013 | 200 pages | Corwin
A detailed, comprehensive resource for principals, teachers, superintendents, directors and policy makers, whose primary quest is to improce their schools and districts, and help all students achieve at higher levels and graduate from high school. Ontario is considered across the world as one of the fastest improving school systems, with considerable improvement in both elementary and secondary student outcomes. Based on Ontario's education improvment strategy and grounded in the research of Reeves, Elmore, Fullan, Hill, Crevola, Marzano and others, this book will outline high impact, research-based strateges proven to increase student achievment.

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About the Authors
1. Results Without Rancor or Ranking: The Ontario Improvement Strategy
2. Excellence and Equity
3. District and School Improvement: A Blueprint for Success
4. High-Impact Strategies for Elementary Schools
5. High-Impact Strategies for Secondary Schools
6. Leadership for Improved Learning
7. Improving Graduation Rates: What Does It Take?

"With teachers and schools being held more accountable for the continuous improvement in student learning, rising achievement scores, and increasing graduation rates, this book serves as a timely resource."

John P. Rice, Department Director
North Syracuse Central School District, NY
Key features
  1. Provides concrete, detailed, research informed strategies based on the first-hand experiences of the authors who led the development and implementation of Ontario's improvement strategy for Kindergarten through Grade 12.
  2. Offers a multi-pronged approach--namely state–wide, district-wide, school- wide and classroom-based- focused on raising the bar in student achievement and closing gaps for students who have historically underperformed resulting in higher graduation rates.
  3. Includes sample tools such as templates for improvement planning and school self-assessment and offers profiles from successful schools to show how improvement is possible across a range of circumstances.

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