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Beginning the Assistant Principalship

Beginning the Assistant Principalship
A Practical Guide for New School Administrators

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April 2004 | 120 pages | Corwin

Establish your goals as an assistant principal!

Effective school leaders are critical to successful schools. Your service as an assistant principal may be one of the most challenging jobs you will ever have. Rarely are you able to predict what you will be doing each day, even from one moment to the next.

John Daresh's Beginning the Assistant Principalship provides you with excellent tools to navigate your way as a new administrator. Full of ideas for you to use in your work, this valuable resource helps you ask yourself the important questions, find answers, and develop strong plans of action. Some significant topics to help you in your new job include:

  • Building a platform
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Carrying out management skills
  • Maintaining balance and perspective
  • Knowing your job
  • Using effective disagreement to your advantage
  • Building your profile as a leader
  • Listening, listening, then listening some more

Whether your intention is to eventually assume the principalship using your current job as a kind of internship, or if you have decided to make the assistant principalship a career, this excellent book considers a wide variety of topics to help you succeed!

About the Author
1. Neither Fish Nor Fowl
Problem with Definition

The Invisibility Factor

So Why Do the Job?

Plan for the Book


Additional Suggested Readings

2. It Begins With Values
Case Study: Because I Believe It's the Right Thing to Do

Building a Platform

What Do You Do With the Platform?

Your Personal Plan


Additional Suggested Readings

3. A Personal Leadership Checklist
Leadership Skills

Another Approach to Leadership Analysis

So What Is Educational Leadership?

Your Personal Plan


Additional Suggested Readings

4. Carrying Out Your Management Skills
Apparent Contradictions

Formal Requirements

Informal Tasks

Throughout the Year

Planning for the School Year

Before the Year Begins

After the Year Starts

Toward the End of the Year

Building a Personal Plan

5. Cool Your Ego
Maintaining Balance and Your Perspective

Talk With Your Principal

Count to Ten ... Again and Again

Closing Thoughts

Summarizing the Chapter

6. Assist the Principal
Know Your Job

Communication is the Key

Developing an Action Plan

Summarizing the Chapter

7. Reflect Before Talking and Acting

Why Not?

Tips for Effective Disagreement

Summarizing the Chapter

8. Listen, Listen ... Then Listen Some More
Listen Before Deciding

Can You Listen Too Much?

A Few Tips

Summarizing the Chapter

9. Ask to do More
Building Your Profile as a Leader

Where Do You Begin?

Volunteering to do More

Summarizing the Chapter

10. Stay Alive Professionally
Read, Read, Read

Summarizing the Chapter

11. Stay Positive
Positive Attitude is a Career Builder

Final Observations

Key features


Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1: Neither Fish nor Fowl

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