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Adam Scott Bellow

Bellow, Adam

Adam Bellow is one of today's leading speakers on educational technology and infusing technology to aid school reformation. Bellow is a sought-after speaker in the  because of his particular high-speed delivery which blends humor and rapid-fire visuals.

Areas of expertise
  • Web Tools
  • Technology
  • Online Community


  • The Tech Commandments: A fast paced look at the last thirty years of educational technology and a critical look at what is happening in the educational space currently as it relates to technology. This presentation is filled with dynamic images, laughs, and a lot of ideas to leave the audience thinking.
  • Untangling the Web: This ever-evolving session looks at some of the web free web tools available for infusion in the classroom today. Participants are sure to walk away with at least a handful of new tools and ideas for implementing them in the school setting right away.
  • Crossroads: This presentation looks at the modern educational landscape with special attention to educational technology and how we can innovate out of the current path of standardized assessment as the only litmus test for learning. Filled with humor and emotional stories, this presentation will leave you inspired and invigorated.