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Your Mathematics Formative Assessment Game Plan

Your Mathematics Formative Assessment Game Plan

Monday, March 20, 2017 - 3:30pm

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Presented by Francis “Skip” Fennell

Do you really know what your students are thinking when doing mathematics? How can you find out? What will you do next? This webinar addresses teachers’ challenges and questions in using formative assessment to guide planning and teaching, and monitor student progress in mathematics. Based on Skip Fennell’s new book, The Formative 5: Everyday Assessment Techniques for Every Math Classroom, it will present teacher and classroom-tested formative assessment techniques that are doable—every day—and that make a difference. The Formative 5 is a palette of the techniques that research shows provide the most effective assessment “game plan” for any mathematics classroom.

Participants will:

  • Understand the impact of formative assessment as a part of the assessment spectrum, and how to use it instructionally day by day
  • Understand the importance of an everyday “plan” for the use of formative assessment
  • Become familiar with The Formative 5 (Observations, Interviews, Show Me, Hinge Questions, and Exit Tasks) as techniques they can use each day to guide their planning and teaching and monitor student progress
  • Get answers to common questions/issues about use of The Formative 5, including, but not limited to, tools to help guide the use of each of The Formative 5 techniques, providing feedback, grading, and actual in-the-classroom strategies for using The Formative 5.