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Win/Win or Else

Win/Win or Else
Collective Bargaining in an Age of Public Discontent

January 1996 | 80 pages | Corwin
"Drawing from his long experience with collective bargaining, Keane has written an easily read and highly useful guide for boards, administrators, teachers, and support staff. I highly recommend that you add it to your professional library." Jerry J. Herman, Professor Department of Administration and Planning University of Alabama "Convincingly argues and clearly articulates strategies for integrating collaboration throughout the collective bargaining process. This book is must reading--filled with ideas for making collaborative collective bargaining work." Gerald J. Pine, Dean, School of Education Boston College, Massachusetts Designed to help school administrators, school board members, and teachers be more effective and more cooperative at the bargaining table. Charts the history of collective bargaining and discusses changes now taking place in education that will likely affect negotiations. Partial list of contents: * How to prepare for negotiation * The process: When less is more * How to manage conflict * Learn from your past successes (and failures) * What to expect from collective bargaining in the future "Win/win" bargaining, a process by which all sides work together to achieve their goals, requires mutual trust and mutual need in order to succeed. In this compact, easy-to-read guide, Keane pinpoints the skills you need to learn in order to be an effective, principled negotiator. He explains the importance of looking for the common interests and goals of all sides. He provides a clear rationale for cooperation as a way to defuse growing public distrust in unions. Keane also offers tips on how to best use scarce resources for everyone's benefit. If you're a teacher, superintendent, or school board member facing collective bargaining, or a concerned parent or community member, this book has crucial information to help you understand the bargaining process.

Collective Bargaining
Past and Present

Preparing for Negotiations
The Bargaining Process
Less Is More

Managing Conflict
Collective Bargaining in the Future
Resource A: Win/Win Bargaining
A Practitioner's Checklist


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