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Thinker, Learner, Dreamer, Doer

Thinker, Learner, Dreamer, Doer
Innovative Pedagogies for Cultivating Every Student’s Potential

First Edition

Foreword by Yong Zhao

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E-Learning | School Culture

May 2022 | 248 pages | Corwin

Master the Age of Complexity through innovative growth.

From far-reaching impacts of COVID-19 to environmental and economic concerns, we’re living in the Age of Complexity that will likely be with us for generations to come. How then can schools and organizations change their learning environments to foster innovative thinking in students when the Age of Complexity is always at the forefront? Peter Gamwell and Jane Daly answer that question and more by demonstrating how to understand problems the world faces as living, changing systems.

Built on the philosophy that the prosperity of any organization is directly proportional to how it values its people, affords them autonomy, and gives them creative rein, this book provides resources including:

  • A new way to define brilliance, and 10 specific ways you can shift your organization to prepare your school and community for the Age of Complexity
  • Detailed case studies from schools excelling in the Age of Complexity
  • Links to videos showcasing real-world students and educators in action
  • Key takeaways highlighting each chapter’s critical content
  • Reflective questions to facilitate the application of ideas into school and district settings
  • Actionable strategies to use in classrooms and school communities

As the world continues to grow more complex, this resource provides timely direction on how to think big about innovative growth, even if the first step is small.

List of Videos
Foreword by Yong Zhao
Chapter 1: Thinker, Learner, Dreamer, Doer: Innovative Pedagogies for Cultivating Every Student's Potential
Chapter 2: The Uncomfortable Chapter
Chapter 3: What is Brilliance?
Chapter 4: Seeds of Yesteryear: Jesus Christ Superstar
Chapter 5: Fiona's Story: Finding Fertile Ground
Chapter 6: Rebecca's Story: The Courage to Do Things Differently
Chapter 7: Blue Sky School: Rooted in Innovation
Chapter 8: Road Trip: Seeds Take Flight
Chapter 9: Golden Hills: Seeds Take Root
Chapter 10: Mud Lake and Carseland: Where Learning Comes Naturally
Chapter 11: Odyssey's North Star: How to Build a Strong Community
Chapter 12: The But, But, But, But Chapter: Assessment & Evaluation

Gamwell and Daly’s approach gets back to the types of learning at the hopeful center of all our work. Each vignette is wonderful and attainable in some way as a model. The authors’ strength-based approach to innovation is informed by research, grounded practice, conversations, and common sense. It rings refreshingly clear in these uncertain times. The work should inform and support teams across the world.

Peter Dillon
Berkshire Hill Regional School District Stockbridge

This book focuses on the elements necessary to create a culture in which every child’s particular brilliance is enabled and enhanced. The video clips are extremely compelling and illustrate the points perfectly. Peter Gamwell and Jane Daly, consummate storytellers, have written another gem of a book that shows us the conditions necessary to grow creativity that is present in each child. In so doing, their brilliance shines

Dr. Betty J. Sternberg
Central Connecticut State University

This book is a WINNER!!! An important read for those who truly believe that every person has unique brilliance. I LOVE the student video interviews! The TRY THIS sections and the authentic stories of schools are powerful and effective and will help committed educators begin the conversations necessary for change and transformation. The opportunity is NOW as we leverage complexity and chaos to envision things differently . . . because we can and because we must.

Lynn Macan
Cobleskill-Richmondville CSD
Key features

Readers will find:

  • Links to videos where you can hear student and teacher Thinkers and Dreamers describe their work in their own words 
  • 8 detailed case studies from schools that are excelling in the age of complexity and fostering "seeds of brilliance"
  • Criteria for schools as learning environments that foster seeds of brilliance, and a tool for measuring their impact

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