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The Will to Learn

The Will to Learn

Monday, February 27, 2023 - 3:30pm

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How do we help all of our students do the work of learning, with care — as best they currently can? For students to flourish long-term and move toward mastery, they need to be motivated from the inside-out. Specifically, they need to believe five key things – Credibility, Value, Belonging, Effort, and Efficacy.

Cultivating these five key beliefs in the heart of each learner takes understanding how the beliefs work in the heart of a learner and what evidence-based strategies most efficiently help them to grow.

Participants will:
• Understand how the belief spectrum works to help or hinder motivated student learning;
• Apply simple, robust methods for cultivating the Credibility, Value, and Effort beliefs in every classroom;
• Understand how motivation relates to engagement and why the difference can help us find efficiencies in the face of overwhelming demands on our time; and
• Leave with practical next steps for teaching and learning.



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