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The School of Hope

The School of Hope
The Journey From Trauma and Anxiety to Achievement, Happiness, and Resilience

First Edition

with illustrations by Brian Bicknell

May 2022 | 192 pages | Corwin

Discover how to improve achievement, happiness, and resilience using the science of hope 

The current mental health crisis is driving many teachers to leave the profession while students struggle with engagement and anxiety. Trauma-informed coping mechanisms are helpful, but this book goes a step further by incorporating much-needed but often-missing support to help learners feel hopeful and provide educators with resources to care for themselves.

Based on research around the psychological science of hope, this guidebook provides strategies educators and school leaders can use daily to help students feel secure, build relationships, and improve academic outcomes. Included are practices and interventions that can be woven into classrooms and schools to foster mental wellness and happiness using

  • Classroom materials, tools, and reproducibles
  • Scientific resources to quickly assess and monitor hope
  • Simple plans of action to improve hope, engagement, and motivation
  • Vignettes from classrooms and the author’s own experiences with children who have experienced extreme trauma

Backed by the latest research, The School of Hope will encourage higher academic attainment and equity, inspiring a sense of deeper fulfillment for both students and educators.

Chapter 1-H.O.P.E. Makers: Trauma brain, society, and the power of you
Chapter 2-Healing: Safety, Coping, and Connections
Safety: Trauma, safety, and fostering healing

Coping: Strategies and tools to help daily interactions

Connections: Building positive relationships and repairing trust

Compassion for Colleagues: Building a healing culture of support

Chapter 3- Overcoming: Hope and Goals
Hope: Using hope scores to foster resilience from setback, trauma, and ACEs

Goals: Using The Learning Goal Cycle to build hope and success

Compassion for Colleagues: Growing Hopeful Cultures for The Long Game

Chapter 4-Planning: Pathways, Belief, and Practicing
Pathways: Possibility Blindness and Learning

Belief: Using representation, social models, and environments to foster possibility

Practicing: Creating and using pathways for problems

Compassion for Colleagues: Pathways for problematic organizational practices and lack of support

Chapter 5 Energizing: Agency and Motivation
Agency: Building agency with willpower strategies

Motivation: Infusing intrinsic drive and positive mindsets

Compassion for Colleagues: Supporting and motivating each other

Chapter 6: The School of H.O.P.E.: Patience, support, and connections for your journey

Free resources

TEDx Talk: How Hope Drives Your Potential, Resiliency, and Success

TEDx Talk: How Hope Drives Your Potential, Resiliency, and Success

Cathleen Beachboard is on a mission to show how the science of hope can improve outcomes for those with trauma and anxiety. Through a deeply moving journey to help her five adopted children overcome a past of abuse and neglect, Cathleen shares valuable tools on how we can use hope to increase our resiliency, happiness, and success.

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Webinar: The School of Hope

Webinar: The School of Hope

Hope is not simply an emotion. Hope is a science. Hope is one of the most robust predictors of GPA, future academic attainment, and overall resiliency. Measuring and raising hope levels can combat the effects of trauma and adverse childhood experiences, build motivation, and drive achievement. This webinar combines scientific research, tools, and strategies to increase hope and improve equity and life outcomes for both students and staff.

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Creating Safe Environments for Students Recovering From Trauma

Creating Safe Environments for Students Recovering From Trauma

In this post by Edutopia, author Cathleen Beachboard shares how educators can help students who have experienced trauma.

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Chapter 1: Hope Makers

Chapter 1: Hope Makers

Read Chapter 1 from The School of Hope. Inside, author Cathleen Beachboard defines "hope" and highlights its importance in education.

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"Readers will have 7 BILLION reasons to be HOPE-filled and HOPE-makers with tools to influence their students’ behavior as well as their future. Cathleen’s personal journey toward understanding the power of hope comes alive through her heartfelt storytelling. Her unique perspective as a mom, foster parent, teacher, colleague, and researcher will draw you in as she shares the science of hope and offers valuable tools for the classroom. This book couldn’t come at a better time for teachers yearning to help their students develop the mindset and perseverance needed to overcome trauma."

Helen Barrier
Virginia Tech Training and Technical Assistance Center

"In The School of Hope, author Cathleen Beachboard provides the blueprint for educators to create environments founded on healing by shaping a space that fosters a sense of safety. Teachers can spark hope for students and colleagues despite the challenges and trauma experienced during the pandemic. This book is a must-read for all educators who want to foster school cultures of hope."

Barbara Bray
Owner/Founder of Rethinking Learning, division of Computer Strategies, LLC

"This book provides research, anecdotal information, and practical activities and forms to help school staff build HOPE for students and staff who suffer from past or continuing trauma. This book and the movement that it recommends is useful for all levels of educators and greater community members from PreK to collegiate programs. Preservice teachers should have this information in order to prepare for today’s students who may have been out of the traditional classroom for months. As a nation, we could be facing the fact that almost every student has encountered some form of trauma due to the COVID pandemic. Many have lost family members, such as grandparents, and will be dealing with fear and grief for some time to come. We know that creating safe and caring classrooms and school communities are the foundations for academic achievement."

Carrie Jane Carpenter
Educational Consultant, Oregon Teacher of the Year 2003

"This book is both inspiring and practical! So many students have faced adversity and this book equips educators to come alongside them, encourage them, increase their resilience, and give them the tools to thrive. However, the incredible impact will not be limited to students. Educators, administrators, and clinicians can all benefit from the wisdom and guidance found here. What a much-needed, timely resource for us all!"

Holly N. Deemer PhD
Liberty University

"This book is absolutely needed, even more so with the increase in mental health issues as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even pre-pandemic, mental health needs and trauma were raising concerns of educators about how to best meet the increasing needs of our students. This will be a valuable resource for educators. As a principal, I could see it as an ideal faculty book study. "

Jessica Johnson
Dodgeland School District, WI

"Cathleen Beachboard has written a phenomenal book! I hope each of you will learn, as I did, from the exceptional content that will assist educators, students, and their families. One book, one sentence in a book, can cause a ripple effect that carries on for generations to come. Yes, you can make that kind of difference after reading this book and implementing the sensational ideas in it."

Meredith Johnson
Retired teacher and principal, FL

"This text marries the important roles of parent and teacher as it describes the strategies and resources we need to help children overcome trauma and navigate their way through difficult situations at home and at school.

Susan Stone Kessler
Hunters Lane High School

"Hope is the intangible yet indispensable ingredient students and teachers need to persist and prevail during these challenging times. In this important new book, Cathleen Beachboard explains the psychology of hope and how it can be cultivated in schools. For educators and others seeking to instill optimism despite the challenges we face about the future, this book will be a source of inspiration and a guide for how we can make hope a resource for the students who need it most."  


Pedro A. Noguera, PhD
University of Southern California

"This book offers a compelling message of H.O.P. E. for educators across all disciplines in moving from an idea to implementation. It's a quick read filled with personal stories and experiences and it is a great time-saving guide for busy educators. Self-care plans and practical strategies for meeting students where they are and assisting them with social and emotional needs create and instill hope within your organization. The School of Hope is one handy tool that will not be stored on a shelf and will enhance the culture and performance of one’s organization."

Debra Paradowski
Arrowhead Union High School, WI

"This book provides educators with strategies that can support students in learning that the negative impact of traumatic experiences doesn’t have to control their lives. While teachers may not have backgrounds in developing the social emotional skills of students and colleagues, all teachers are able to ensure a classroom and school environment that nurtures acceptance and hope for all."

Ernie Rambo
Nevada National Board Professional Learning Institute

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1. Hope Makers

Chapter 2. Healing

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