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The Early Career Framework Handbook
Updated Edition of Bestseller

The Early Career Framework Handbook

Second Edition

March 2022 | 232 pages | Corwin UK
Teaching is a career-long journey of professional learning and development.

The Chartered College of Teaching is on hand to help you every step of the way.

This handbook guides you through all aspects of the Early Career Framework (ECF), supporting you through the full two-year programme. It is both useful and thought-provoking and includes chapters covering all aspects of the ECF from well-known teachers and researchers across the world of education.

This second edition has been updated to include content for Early Years practitioners as well as mentors involved in supporting early career teachers. Also added is a new chapter on diversity, equity and inclusion in the classroom.

Part 1 Building a productive classroom environment
Amy Forrester
Chapter 1: Managing Behaviour Effectively
Adam Boxer
Chapter 2: Student motivation
Marc Smith
Chapter 3: Setting and maintaining high expectations
Katie Jump
Chapter 4: Mentors: Reflecting on your own practice to better develop early career teachers
Part 2 Supporting learning and development
Nick Rose
Chapter 5: Understanding memory
Nasima Riazat and Jonathan Firth
Chapter 6: Memories that stick
Pritesh Raichura
Chapter 7: Building Understanding
Andy Tharby
Chapter 8: Talk in the Classroom
Christian Bokhove and Ryan Campbell
Chapter 9: Adapting teaching
Simon Knight and Karen Wespieser
Chapter 10: Supporting students with special educational needs and disabilities
Megan Dixon
Chapter 11: Developing literacy in the primary school
Alex Quigley
Chapter 12: Developing secondary literacy
Julian Grenier
Chapter 13: Supporting learning and development in the Early Years
Part 3 Understanding curriculum and assessment
Sarah Earle
Chapter 14: Principles of assessment
Niki Kaiser
Chapter 15: Gauging understanding and identifying misconceptions
Velda Elliott
Chapter 16: Marking and Feedback
Mark Priestley and Nienke Nieveen
Chapter 17: Understanding Curriculum
Clare Sealy
Chapter 18: Planning curriculum and progression
Part 4 Being a learning professional
Reuben Moorea and Faye Craster
Chapter 19: Professional learning and growth
Mark Enser
Chapter 20: Engaging with research
Bennie Kara
Chapter 21: Wider professional responsibilities and diversity, equity and inclusion
Bukky Yusuf
Chapter 22: Managing your wellbeing
Rob Webster
Chapter 23: Building effective relationships with teaching assistants, the SENCO, SEND specialists and parents/carers

Provides rUK system context whilst engaging with similar themes/units as we expect to teach. There are a number of other texts in a similar vein which go into similar detail around the research, but this is a well structured book for early career teachers getting to grips with classroom practice and theory.

Mr Andrew J. McLaughlin
School of Education, Aberdeen University
April 18, 2023

I have taken on a new role as Teaching and Learning Coach. This is a very useful book that I will be recommending to the new lecturers that I will be supporting as it is extremely useful information and is very readable. Many of the these new lecturers will be embarking on their Cert Ed or PGCE programme in September, so I will be recommending that this is included in their reading list for reference. I will also recommend to any lecturers I am coaching as there is extremely useful content on behaviour management which we have a particular issue with at the present time.

Ms Tracy Pickford
Department of Health & Care, South Downs College
July 9, 2023

The four part format makes this easy to navigate and select the required guidance. In particular, Section 2 Supporting learning and development, contains key advice to help the novice with inclusion and differentiation in the classroom and offers strong support.

Dr julie peet
A levels and Access, Mid Kent College of Higher And F.E.
June 1, 2022

Gives useful perspectives for pre-service and in-service teachers to view the teaching-learning process. Offers useful markers for self-reflection, while presenting the reality of the profession.

Dr Kalpana Vijayavarathan
Dept of Education, University of the Faroe Islands
May 30, 2022

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