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Teacher Clarity

When teachers are clear in expectations and instruction, students learn more

Teacher Clarity is both a method and a mindset. It’s about teaching that is organized, intentional, and brings a forthrightness and fairness to the classroom. Student learning is based on transparent expectations. And when we are clear, our students can better plan and predict, set goals, and acquire a stronger sense of how to judge their own progress.

Download a free excerpt of Teacher Clarity Playbook that includes a module you can use to assess clarity in the classroom. This free excerpt offers:

  • Useful methods for determining the concepts students must master and the skills they need to attain to meet the standards
  • Modeled examples of standards with the aforementioned methods in place
  • Guided and independent practice pages to ensure practical understanding 

Fill out the form below to get access to the excerpt "Module 1: Identifying Concepts and Skills" today.

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About Teacher Clarity professional learning

The Teacher Clarity Playbook professional learning series (now offered virtually!) supports teachers in collaborative teams to identify learning intentions and discuss ideas for instruction, review student work and figure out if their efforts have been fruitful, and talk about students who need additional instruction to be successful.


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