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Teacher Clarity

Educators are buried under an avalanche of content standards. Knowing what to teach and how to teach it is tricky enough. Add to that the challenge of getting learners at all levels to a prescribed place of mastery, and it’s easy to see why teachers feel overwhelmed and frustrated. To achieve what they want in the classroom, teachers need clarity — a deep understanding about what to teach and why, how to teach it and what success looks like. This goes way beyond simply knowing the day’s lesson. It describes a process that enables teachers to communicate those same aspects to their students in simple and plain language .



When teachers gain clarity and work together to focus in on the most important standards, they address 80-90% of what is assessed. With ongoing, embedded formative assessment aligned to clear learning intentions and criteria for success, the result is a visible learner who is assessment-capable and equipped with strategies to take ownership of learning.

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