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Rona Tutt’s Guide to SEND & Inclusion

Rona Tutt’s Guide to SEND & Inclusion

First Edition
  • Rona Tutt - Consultant, writer, researcher and former President of NAHT

September 2016 | 152 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

How to give children and young people who have SEN and disabilities (SEND), the support they need in the environment where they feel most fully included, should be a key concern of every teacher and practitioner.

Drawing on her years of experience and conversations with a range of professionals, as well as the thoughts of children, young people and families who have encountered a number of settings, SEND expert Dr Rona Tutt examines both the benefits of the recent SEND reforms and also the opportunities that have been missed to meet needs more flexibly. Content focuses on:

  • Creating a climate where all children can thrive
  • An appreciation for the variety of innovative ways school leaders are meeting the needs of students
  • A consideration of the wider context of SEN from local to national level

Clear and accessible, this is an inspiring read for anyone concerned with how individual needs are best met, rather than where their education takes place.

Introduction: Changing attitudes to SEND
Chapter 1. The benefits, drawbacks and omissions of the SEND Reforms
Chapter 2. Why more specialist provision is needed rather than less
Chapter 3. Creating a climate where all can thrive
Chapter 4. Achieving a more responsive system
Chapter 5. Meeting different needs more effectively
Chapter 6. Beyond the inclusion debate
Conclusions: A system fit for the 21st century

Based on a lifetime of experience in the field, Rona Tutt has written an excellent and engaging introduction to the field of special educational needs / disability and inclusion. The book takes a clear stance about the meaning of inclusion as being about engaging all in education rather than where pupils are placed.  She favours a continuum of provision that is used flexibly. She provides a clear summary of the background to the new SEND legislation, its strengths and limitations, while pointing out areas where further improvements can be made. In providing case summaries of different kinds of school provision, this book is a timely introduction to the field for those preparing to become teachers and those about to become SEN coordinators.

Professor Brahm Nrowich
University of Exeter

Rona Tutt’s Guide to SEND and Inclusion provides a vital and focused insight into the complex and overlapping worlds of education, politics and academia.  By considering inclusion as a process rather than a place, Dr Tutt addresses directly the thorny issue of defining what is meant by the term inclusion and the potential implications for children and young people with SEND. 

This book is a useful guide for any educational professionals interested in understanding more about SEND and inclusion, but it is particularly relevant for school leaders, SENCOs and strategic decision makers.  Practical activities, case studies and real examples are included throughout to encourage the reader to question and reflect what is happening in their own settings and to consider how they might improve the effectiveness of their own inclusion practices.

In addition to considering the current state of play, Dr Tutt looks back at how attitudes to SEND have changed over time as well as considering what more needs to be done in the future with some attention given to both national and international perspectives. 

This book is an essential read and a fantastic opportunity to learn directly from Dr Rona Tutt OBE, one of the leading lights in the world of SEND and inclusion.  

Dr Adam Boddison
Chief Executive of nasen (National Association of Special Educational Needs)

This publication provides a succinct overview of the main issues relating to SEND and Inclusion. It would be great value to settings involved in initial teaching training and to those providing training for aspiring SENCos as it highlights relevant issues and provides much food for thought.

Carol Smart
Special Needs Information Press (SNIP)

Rona Tutt, a past President of the National Association of Head Teachers...focuses clearly on ways in which schools and settings can create a climate where all children can thrive. The many examples of good practice are the strength of this excellent publication that will be of value to a wide audience.

Mary Mountstephen
SEN Magazine

The book is clear, well written and easy to read. There is no waffle, just a well argued narrative that cuts through the muddle and gives a clear resume of SEND as it is today. I recommend it to all!

Cate Wood
Special Children Magazine

Sample Materials & Chapters

Introduction: Changing attitudes to SEND

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