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Practical Evaluation for Collaborative Services

Practical Evaluation for Collaborative Services
Goals, Processes, Tools, and Reporting Systems for School-Based Programs

August 2001 | 248 pages | Corwin
Assessment and evaluation is particularly difficult when assessment strategies and tools must be designed from scratch and evaluation processes must be established within the context of existing evaluation processes and within complex models of service delivery.

Practical Evaluation for Collaborative Services answers the call for help wherever assessment and evaluation are being considered as schools and community service agencies work to establish and evaluate broad-based community collaborative initiatives.

This book is unique in that specific evaluation instruments are provided in a format that can be immediately copied and used. This factor alone will save many hours of development by local service providers and managers trying to design evaluation from scratch.In particular, readers will find an approach to monitor and measure parent/guardian involvement and coordination of multiple agency services.

The instruments and processes were developed and used within large and small communities to assess collaborative service arrangements between public schools and service agencies such as public health, mental health, human services, etc. The authors believe the information complements existing national initiatives to develop and evaluate full-service schools.

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Joy Dryfoos
About the Authors
1. Introduction
2. Monitoring and Gathering Outcome Data for Collaborative Services Programs
3. Assessing Student Risk and Other Critical Customer Characteristics
4. Process Evaluation: Assessing Program Implementation and Customer Satisfaction
5. Outcomes Evaluation I: Evaluating Program Results Using Quantitative Data
6. Outcomes Evaluation II: Evaluating Program Results Using Qualitative Data
7. Local Utilization of Evaluation
8. Challenges and Keys to Sustainability in Assessment and Evaluation
9. Putting It All Together
Resource A: Elementary School Student Survey
Resource B: Middle School Student Survey
Resource C: High School Student Survey
Resource D: Survey for Parent of Elementary School Student
Resource E: Survey for Parent of Middle School Student
Resource F: Survey for Parent of High School Student
Resource G: Self-Review Format
Resource H: Examples of Data Collection Formats
Resource I: Summary of Development Logging in Iowa

"The title says it well. This practical work offers a guiding framework for evaluating a school-linked services initiative, delineates specific steps, and includes a host of useful tools that have been field tested. Anyone planning such an evaluation will find this a major resource aid."

Howard Adelman
School Mental Health Project, Center for Mental Health in the Schools, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

"…a unique how-to document, providing detailed instructions for monitoring and assessing complex comprehensive programs. This book offers a rich context for generating ideas." 

Joy Dryfoos
Independent Researcher, Author, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

"Practical Evaluation for Collaborative Services is a superb resource for educators. With all the forms, models, surveys and examples, it will be priceless for teachers and administrators interested in improving schools and student performance." 

Dr. Robert Barr
Dean, College of Education, Boise State University

"Drawing on their many years of experience evaluating a school-based, collaborative services program, the authors break down the sometimes complex and intimidating process of evaluation into manageable action steps. Further, in going beyond tools and techniques, the authors show how evaluation can be used to both improve accountability and foster organizational learning. A very good resource for those in collaborative services who are now to evaluation." 

Karen Horscho
Research Associate, Harvard Family Research Project, Cambridge MA

"An essential guidebook for any professional working with students at risk." 

William H. Parrett
Director, Center for School Improvement, Boise State University

"The first book to provide the tools for the comprehensive management by data of a school’s at-risk population. This much needed guide will provide a roadmap to appropriate intervention for any educator concerned with helping students at risk." 

William H. Parrett
Director, Center for School Improvement, Boise State University

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