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Power Up Your Math Community

Power Up Your Math Community
A 10-Month Practice-Based Professional Learning Guide, Grades K-5

Foreword by John SanGiovanni

September 2024 | 448 pages | Corwin

A yearlong learning adventure designed to help you build a vibrant math community

A powerful math community is an active group of educators, students, and families, alive with positive energy, efficacy, and a passion for mathematics. Students, teachers, and leaders see themselves and each other as mathematically capable and experience mathematics as a joyful activity.

Power Up Your Math Community is a hands-on, 10-month guide designed to help you and your school maximize your students’ math learning and strengthen your mathematics teaching and learning community. Each chapter offers a month’s worth of practice-based professional learning focused on a desired math habit alongside parallel math problems and learning activities for teachers to use themselves and with students. This format allows educators to work together to improve math teaching and learning across a school year, building a strong foundation for students' mathematical proficiency, identity, and agency.

The book ignites solutions and advocates for rigorous and joyful mathematics instruction for everyone—including school leaders, teachers, students, and their families. Authors Holly Burwell and Sue Chapman provide educators with a detailed roadmap for creating a positive and effective math community that supports all students' mathematical learning by

  • Offering guidance on building a math community with chapter vignettes and prompts such as Mathematical Me, Let’s Do Some Math, Since We Met Last, Let’s Try It, Math Talks, Manipulatives and Models Matter, Game Time, and more
  • Emphasizing an assets-based approach to teaching math that recognizes the unique strengths and experiences of each student
  • Providing strategies for promoting growth mindset in math and equity and inclusion in math education
  • Focusing on both classroom-level and building-level improvement as well as offering support for teachers, instructional coaches, principals, and district leaders

Power Up Your Math Community will inspire you to reimagine the way you teach math and empower you with the tools to make a lasting impact on your students' mathematical understanding. So, get ready to power up your math community and watch as your students thrive in their mathematical journey!

Foreword by John SanGiovanni
About the Authors
Chapter 1: Getting Ready to Power Up Your Math Community
Chapter 2: August - We are all math learners!
Chapter 3: September - We expect math to make sense!
Chapter 4: October - We love challenging math problems!
Chapter 5: November - We learn from math mistakes!
Chapter 6: December - We see ourselves as mathematicians!
Chapter 7: January - We talk about math!
Chapter 8: February - We represent math in different ways!
Chapter 9: March - We make math connections!
Chapter 10: April - We look for and use math patterns!
Chapter 11: May - We are powerful mathematicians!

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