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Mentor Texts That Multitask [Grades K-8]

Mentor Texts That Multitask [Grades K-8]
A Less-Is-More Approach to Integrated Literacy Instruction

First Edition

January 2022 | 296 pages | Corwin

Streamline literacy learning with power-packed children’s books

Two of the most common challenges educators face is lack of time and resources. In Mentor Texts That Multitask, Pam Koutrakos shows how to streamline literacy instruction by using a single mentor text to teach reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, speaking, and listening. When you integrate literacy instruction this way, concepts start to come together more clearly for children – and teachers save time and expense.

This user-friendly resource is packed with ready-to-go lessons and tools to create, plan, and teach using multitasking texts. The lessons and accompanying ideas can jumpstart learning in the classroom by integrating and connecting literacy concepts in time-efficient ways. Resources include

  • Full lessons centered on high-quality children’s literature to take the guesswork out of planning
  • A DIY section to help teachers plan and teach lessons around other favorite texts
  • Dozens of student and classroom examples to show you what’s possible
  • Printables available online to help with immediate implementation.

Designed to help teachers build a more inclusive classroom library and instructional practice, this guide highlights texts that represent and celebrate a multitude of characters and topics.

Part 1: The Essentials of Multitasking Mentor
Chapter 1: What is a Multitasking Mentor Text?
Chapter 2: Instructional Practices that Support Mentor Text Multitasking
Part 2: Teaching with Multitasking Mentor Texts
Chapter 3: Wordless Texts and Images
Chapter 4: Graphic Texts
Chapter 5: Realistic Fiction
Chapter 6: Creative Nonfiction: Biographies, Autobiographies, and Memoir
Chapter 7: Informational Texts
Chapter 8: Poetry
Part 3: You've Got This!
Chapter 9: DIY Processes for Creating Multitasking Lesson Sets
Chapter 10: Stepping Aside: Student-Initiated Learning with Multitasking Mentor Texts

Mentor Texts That Multitask gives educators access to one of the most authentic voices and thought leaders in literacy practices.  With all angles and lenses considered, and the face of every potential student honored, Pam Koutrakos gives teachers the tools to be intentional about their use of  powerful mentor texts.  This gift for teachers offers a strong and manageable platform on which to build community and enhance literacy instruction in their classrooms utilizing some of the most meaningful mentor texts. 

Kathy Pina
Principal, Mary A. Hubbard Elementary School

Classroom teachers at the elementary level, middle school teachers, and literacy coaches (especially literacy coaches!) will feel equipped to teach in a meaningful and comprehensive way with Mentor Texts That Multitask.  Gone are the totes loaded with books when traveling from classroom to classroom.  Pam invites teachers to open a book, any book, and list the learning possibilities that can be pulled out of it.  

Viviana Tamas
Instructional Coach at Ward Elementary School in New Rochelle, NY

Mentor Texts that Multitask is a must-read for every educator, instructional coach, and literacy leader! Pam Koutrakos’ latest book shares limitless possibilities on simplifying instruction into smaller collections of strategies that are layered with multidimensional texts! Her work is both student-centered and teacher-supportive. She eliminates the myth of “more books” by outlining a framework where books can be used in a variety of ways through flexible design and multifaceted learning. This book is an educator’s dream!

Jigisha Vyas
Instructional Coach. Wyckoff School District, NJ

One thing I often hear from educators is they wish they had more time--more time to plan, more time to play and practice, more time to READ! Pam Koutrakos’ Mentor Texts that Multitask tackles this challenge of time with thoughtfulness, innovation, and clarity. This text not only provides teachers with a rich list of student-centered learning experiences, but also shares a roadmap of how to implement these experiences in conjunction with authentic, engaging texts. The strategies Pam gives teachers have the beautiful balance of being supported by research while also being practical and adaptable for the classroom. You can read through a chapter, select a text type, choose which lesson(s) best match your students' next steps and implement that lesson the following day. A true gift. Pam has shown us that less can be more. We don’t have to select a new text every lesson and there is real power in revisiting a mentor text through various lenses and focuses. While there is no “best” or “perfect” book, this resource certainly comes close to being the best time-saving gift for educators to select and plan lessons with rich texts at the center.

Katie McGrath
Instructional Facilitator, Loudoun County Public Schools

This book deserves a space on every educator's bookshelf. In Mentor Texts that Multitask, Pamela Koutrakos understands that the never-ending search for "perfect" mentor texts can eat up time that educators could use to prepare for student-centered responsive literacy instruction. Her carefully chosen texts and thoughtfully crafted lesson sets leave the reader inspired to try them out with learners. Thank you, Pam, for ensuring that we feel confident enough to curate our own stack of multitasking texts, facilitate affirming and integrated literacy learning experiences, and engage students in the process!

Heather Frank, PhD
Heather Frank, PhD, Literacy Consultant

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