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Literacy Is Still Not Enough

Literacy Is Still Not Enough
Modern Fluencies for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

February 2021 | 240 pages | Corwin
Modern fluencies provide a platform for authentic teaching, learning, and assessment 
While reading, writing, and arithmetic remain important, they are no longer enough. For learners to thrive, they must move beyond traditional literacies to modern fluencies—the unconscious mental processes that are learned, adapted, and applied in the context of real-world problems and challenges.

In this book, the authors unpack the fluencies (solution, information, creativity, communication, collaboration, and global citizenship) to reflect the relentless social, cultural, and economic shifts of modern times. Practical resources are presented alongside
Authentic Unit Plan Exemplars for each fluency
Assessment rubric examples
Discussion questions

Learners today must master an entirely different set of essential skills and knowledge needed to succeed than previous generations. This book provides a practical framework for integrating new fluencies into traditional curriculum.

Part I: Setting the Scene for the Modern Fluencies
Chapter 1: Highly Educated Useless People
Chapter 2: Education in the Age of Disruption
Chapter 3: From Literacy to Fluency: The Starting Point
Chapter 4: Modern Learning Pedagogy and the Learning Progression
Chapter 5: Modern and Future-Ready Learning Environments
Part II: An Introduction to the Modern Fluencies
Chapter 6: Teaching and Learning Using the Modern Fluencies
Chapter 7: Solution Fluency: Real-World Problem Solving
Chapter 8: Collaboration Fluency: Global Connections
Chapter 9: Information Fluency: InfoWhelm and HyperInformation
Chapter 10: Communication Fluency: Text and Multimedia
Chapter 11: Creativity Fluency: Innovation and Imagination
Chapter 12: Global Citizenship: Citizenship in the Digital Age
Chapter 13: Authentic Assessment: Techniques and Strategies
Part III: Moving Forward
Chapter 14: The Future of Education is Now: Are You Ready?
Chapter 15: Fluency Resources

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