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Learners Without Borders

Learners Without Borders
New Learning Pathways for All Students

August 2021 | 176 pages | Corwin

1. Introduction
The Failure of Education Reforms

Our Changing World

Hope for the Future

2. The School Pathway
The Borders of Schooling

The Dysfunctional One-to-Many Model


3. New Learning Opportunities
The Impact of Technology

What Matters: The Pressure on Education

New Students and Their Interactions With Technology

How to Improve: The Opportunities


4. Changing the School Pathway
The School Pathway

Rethinking the School Pathway

Breaking Out of the School Pathway

Dropping Out of the School Pathway

Changing the School Pathway

New Personalized Pathways

5. Breaking the Curriculum Border
Futile Efforts

The Owners of Curriculum

The Missing Actor

Students as Co-Owners


6. Breaking the Classroom Border
The Classroom Is Not the Only Play for Learning

The Human Teacher

New Forms of Teaching and Learning

Technology and Teachers' Roles


7. Self-Directed Learners
Natural Born Learners

Diverser Learners

Self-Determined Learners

The Loss of Learning

Teaching Self-Determination

Cultivating Future Creators


8. Making the Change: Learners Without Borders
Advocating for the Right Outcomes

Making the Changes

Learners Without Borders

Conclusion: Can Change Happen?


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