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Laura Elizabeth Pinto

Laura Pinto’s work draws on her extensive experience as a school teacher, university professor and research and is driven by her curiosity to understand how evidence, politics and student-educator life worlds can be integrated to improve education.

Areas of expertise
  • Teaching Methods
  • Common Core
  • Teaching Strategies for Diverse Learners
  • Classroom Management
  • Cultural Competence


  • What’s Culture Got to Do With It? Classroom Management for Diverse Learning Communities: Rich communities of diverse learners mean that teachers need to rethink classroom management. This seminar helps teachers understand the important links between culture, engagement and student success. Participants begin by the diversity in their own school communities in light of their own cultural backgrounds and personal experiences. After situating themselves on the Spectrum of Classroom Management, they will explore a variety of evidence-informed strategies to better manage their own classrooms while contributing to student success in the Common Core.
  • Remodeling Lessons for Student Success: Supporting the Common Core: As teachers, we have an obligation to reach every student with the goal of their success in the Common Core and beyond. But where do you start? In this seminar, teachers collaborate in a process of Lesson Remodeling. What makes Lesson Remodeling different is that teachers don’t start from “scratch” to build new lessons – rather, they begin with what they already do and know, and together apply innovative strategies to improve upon existing practice. Using Corwin’s best-seller, 95 Strategies for Remodeling Instruction, workshop participants actively apply evidence-informed strategies to innovate their work.