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How to Prevent Reading Difficulties, Grades PreK-3

How to Prevent Reading Difficulties, Grades PreK-3
Proactive Practices for Teaching Young Children to Read

March 2021 | 272 pages | Corwin
The science of reading meets the art of teaching readers
Do you have the knowledge and instructional ability to effectively teach foundational skills and to support students who show signs of reading difficulties? It is a tall order — and one that challenges many new and veteran teachers. How to Prevent Reading Difficulties, Grades PreK-3 builds on decades of evidence and years of experience to help teachers understand how the brain learns to read and how to apply that understanding to Tier 1 instruction. The book includes: 

step-by-step descriptions of techniques for effectively teaching phonological awareness, spelling, phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension
specific Tier 1 activities, routines, and frameworks that build and strengthen word recognition and language comprehension
links to video demonstrations and online resources
clear, practical explanations of the science of reading, including the Eternal Triangle and the Simple View of Reading, to help teachers understand the fundamentals of the reading process, recognize how difficulties arise – and understand how to address them

Author Mark Weakland brings new energy to teaching high-priority foundational skills. By blending the science of reading with the best instructional practices that lead to authentic reading—the ultimate goal of balanced literacy—teachers can prevent many reading difficulties in K-3 learners. Learn more about Mark Weakland at

Chapter 1: The Reading Brain
Chapter 2: What Are Reading Difficulties?
Chapter 3: Highly Effective Teaching Techniques
Chapter 4: Building Language Comprehension
Chapter 5: Building Phonological Skills
Chapter 6: Building Orthographic Skills
Chapter 7: Reading: Guided, Repeated, Independent

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