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GPS: Good Parenting Strategies

GPS: Good Parenting Strategies
The No-Guilt Survival Guide for Parenting During the Pandemic and Beyond

March 2021 | 152 pages | Corwin

Ensure that your kids (and you) thrive during distance learning when school is at home!

To say the pandemic of 2020 threw parents and educators a curveball would be an understatement. Suddenly, we were charged not only with meeting our children’s emotional and social needs, but also helping them fulfill their academic tasks outside of the school and classroom. Feelings of stress, anxiety, and guilt were inevitable.

While you’re recreating the structure and routine of school and attending to students’ mental health, the Good Parenting Strategies (GPS) offered in this essential guide will help you help your children succeed while learning at home. Ben Springer, an expert educator and school psychologist, provides you with real-life scenarios and ready-to-use tools rooted in positive psychology that show you how to

  • Manage stress and anxiety at home
  • Focus on the key ingredients to learning (both distance and face-to-face)
  • Prevent problem behaviors before they occur
  • Build resilience and find happiness 

Also included are more than 25 charts and tools that are accessible online for ease of printing. Full of humor, insights, and guidance fit for parents and teachers alike, this book equips you to confidently face challenging student behaviors, emotions, and schoolwork both now and in the future—and, perhaps most importantly, to begin to heal.

Preface: Parenting and the Pandemic
Overview: What This Book Will Do for You
About the Author
Introduction: Scorched Earth
SECTION 1. How to Battle Guilt and Shame
SECTION 2. How to Build Your Very Own Structure and Routine in a Global Pandemic (and Beyond)!
SECTION 3. How to Identify, Create, and Utilize Your Very Own Core Values as a Family
SECTION 4. Discipline 101
SECTION 5. Advanced Discipline
SECTION 6. How to Manage Intense Emotional Outbursts From Your Kids
SECTION 7. How to Navigate Screen Time and Social Media
SECTION 8. How to Navigate Distance Learning
SECTION 9. How to Find Happiness in Our Families
SECTION 10. How to Build Resilience in Our Families
Conclusion: A Diaper Bag for Life
Appendix A: House Rules
Appendix J: Two Lists
Appendix V: Common Coping Skills

"Dr. Springer has written a must-read for parents, whether it's during a pandemic or not. This book provides at-a-glance guidance and resources for busy moms seeking guilt-free and healthy long-term parenting solutions. Good Parenting Strategies is funny, practical, and includes tips and tricks that encourage us all to be superhero parents!"

Stacey Moore
First time mom who trying to be better

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