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Engaging Parents and Families in Grading Reforms

Engaging Parents and Families in Grading Reforms

December 2023 | 120 pages | Corwin

Improve grading practices with support from families

Educators seeking to transform age-old grading practices face numerous challenges, particularly when it comes to gaining support from students’ families. This practical guide from a world-renowned expert on grading and assessment practices offers concrete strategies to turn parents and families into trusted partners in grading reform efforts. The book enables educators to anticipate, understand, and effectively address families' concerns over grading reforms and build trust through authentic engagement.

With clear and actionable strategies that educators can implement right away, the easily digestible chapters unpack the complexities of the change process, clarify the purpose of grading, and show how to enhance the use of computerized grading programs. Other features include:

  • Strategies to ease opposition to grading reform from parents and families
  • Insights into how to improve report cards
  • Guidance on how to effectively communicate student performance with parents and families

A must-have resource for educators navigating the challenging journey of grading reform, Engaging Parents and Families in Grading Reform is a comprehensive guide to grading reform that emphasizes family engagement to ensure success.

Chapter 1: Parents’ and Families’ Perspectives on Grading and Reporting Reforms
Chapter 2: Understand the Change Process
Chapter 3: Clarify the Purpose of Grading
Chapter 4: Distinguish the Three Components of Computerized Grading Programs
Chapter 5: Keep the Report Card Simple and Family Friendly
Chapter 6: Consider How Parents and Families Interpret Labels
Chapter 7: Replace Old Traditions with New and Better Traditions
Chapter 8: Focus on a Reporting System

"An outdated way to grade students will hinder not only students’ learning progress, but also necessary education reforms. This book is for school leaders, educators, teachers, and anyone who wants to improve education by changing how we grade our students. It is the ideal guide for developing a grading and reporting system that accurately describes students’ performance in both cognitive and non-cognitive outcomes. As a lifelong participant, supporter, and contributor to the education reform movement, I will say, we applied this system for engaging parents in our schools, and it works!"

Antarina SF Amir, CEO and Founder
HighScope Indonesia

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