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Meet Larry Ainsworth

Introduction to Teacher Clarity: Learning Intentions and Success Criteria

Webinar: Clarifying Criteria for Success


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From Outdated to Outstanding: Updating Your Common Formative Assessments Using CFA 2.0
By Steve Ventura

Preventing System Failure: Common Formative Assessment 2.0
By Tommy Thompson

Quick Progress Checks: Actively Monitoring Learning and Saving Teachers Time!
By Dave Nagel

The Power of Common Formative Assessment 2.0™—Learning Progressions & Quick Progress Checks
By Dave Nagel

We’ve Written Our Assessment, Now What? 4 Ways To Use a Common Formative Assessment
By Laura Besser

Common Formative Assessment: What’s Missing in the Middle?
By Kara Vandas


Supporting Articles

CFA 2.0 Newsletter Article Featuring Mobile County Public School System

Appendix J: Examples of CFA Design Step 4



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