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Figuring Out Fluency - Addition and Subtraction With Whole Numbers

Figuring Out Fluency - Addition and Subtraction With Whole Numbers
A Classroom Companion

August 2021 | 192 pages | Corwin
Because fluency practice is not a worksheet.

Fluency in mathematics is more than adeptly using basic facts or implementing algorithms. It is not about speed or recall. Real fluency is about choosing strategies that are efficient, flexible, lead to accurate solutions, and are appropriate for the given situation. Developing fluency is also a matter of equity and access for all learners. 

The landmark book Figuring Out Fluency in Mathematics Teaching and Learning offered educators the inspiration to develop a deeper understanding of procedural fluency, along with a plethora of pragmatic tools for shifting classrooms toward a fluency approach. Now, teachers have the chance to apply that inspiration through explicit instruction and practice every day with the classroom companion Figuring Out Fluency: Addition and Subtraction with Whole Numbers. With this book, teachers can:

Dive deeper into the Significant Strategies for fluency explained in the anchor book
Learn how these strategies grow from and relate to the basic fact strategies children learn 
Access over 100 strategy-aligned and classroom-ready activities for fluency instruction and practice in adding and subtracting multi-digit whole numbers, including worked examples, routines, games, and centers
Find activities for assessing all components of addition and subtraction fluency plus support for engaging families 
Download all of the needed support tools, game boards, and other resources from the companion website for immediate implementation.

Give each and every student the knowledge and power to become skilled and confident mathematical thinkers and doers. 

Module 1 Count On/Count Back Strategy
Module 2 Make Tens (and Hundreds and Thousands)
Module 3 Partial Sums and Differences Strategy
Module 4 Compensation Strategy
Module 5 Think Addition Strategy
Module 6 Standard Algorithms for Addition and Subtraction

“For years research has indicated that fluency is much more than speed, yet timed assessments and traditional instruction persist for teachers without a clear vision or tools to change their practices. This series provides teachers with the explicit examples, resources, and activities needed to bring that research to life for their students and will quickly become a well-worn guidebook for every fluency-focused classroom. This is the toolkit teachers have been yearning for in their journey toward fluency with their students.”

Gina Kilday

“Fluency isn’t a dry landscape of disconnected facts, it is a rich soil for developing and connecting diverse perspectives and ideas. This book series equips you with a deep understanding of fluency and a variety of activities to engage students in co-constructing ideas about addition and subtraction that will last a lifetime.”

Berkeley Everett

Figuring Out Fluency is a must-have, must-read, and must-use for elementary teachers. This text is concise and intentional in communicating the aspects of math fluency and what they look like in action. The routines, tasks, and activities included are easy to implement yet impactful and engaging. Teachers will gain insight for their pedagogy when reading, and students will make strides as problem solvers and flexible thinkers engaging in the activities.”

Sumer Smith

“This book—indeed this series—is a must-read for elementary and middle level teachers, coaches, and administrators. Within this resource you will find a synthesis of important research organized to help readers develop a clear and common understanding of fluency paired with a large collection of teaching activities that provide concrete ways to support students’ fluency development. Figuring Out Fluency provides a much-needed roadmap for teachers looking to increase computational proficiency with multiplication and division.”

Delise Andrews
Lincoln Public Schools

“The authors John J. SanGiovanni, Jennifer M. Bay-Williams, and Rosalba Serrano shine a bright light on how math fluency is the equity issue in mathematics education. How refreshing to have a book that equips math educators with the research and strategies to make a difference for all students! Let’s implement these strategy modules in this book and help kids figure out fluency once and for all!”

Kelly DeLong
Northern Kentucky University

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