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eCourses for School or System-wide Professional Learning

More Efficient. Lower Cost. Greater Impact.

Why support and enhance your professional learning initiatives with Corwin eCourses?  Online professional development can extend the learning and implementation process in more convenient, cost-effective, personalized, and impactful ways - resulting in superior learning outcomes when compared to standalone face-to-face or print, and especially when combined with face-to-face and print.  Corwin eCourses can help you:

  • Introduce and raise awareness of new initiatives; build capacity and support ongoing initiatives system-wide
  • Overcome time and geographic constraints associated with traditional face-to-face professional learning
  • Leverage learning from the top authorities in the field without travel and registration costs or consultant fees
  • Provide more interactive, dynamic and hands-on learning experiences through media-rich delivery of classroom video and practical activities
  • Combine online content with print and face-to-face delivery, creating a deeply impactful  blended learning plan that leverages multiple modalities and experiences for participants to truly interact with content in various ways at multiple levels

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