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Frequently Asked Questions

What are eCourses?
Corwin eCourses provide a meaningful and convenient online experience that meets the diverse needs of 21stcentury educators and are:

  • Based on timely topics for today’s educators
  • Reflective of best practices for adult learners
  • Easy to follow—all courses have a similar learning path
  • Flexible—individuals can complete on their own, or groups of educators from a school or district may take together as a cohort

How are eCourses organized?
Corwin eCourses provide all of the resources needed for an engaging learning experience:

  • Clear objectives
  • eBook content
  • Video of experts and practitioners applying the course content to schools and classrooms. (Video is available for many, but not all courses.)
  • Discussion forums allowing collaboration with colleagues in an online professional learning community. (Discussion forums are available for cohorts.)
  • Reflection questions and immersive activities so participants can immediately apply new learning to their professional practice.
  • A final assignment so participants connect all of their learning into a cohesive action plan.

How many eCourses are available?
Corwin currently offers over 40 eCourses. To learn more about the available courses browse the available topics here.

How long do we have access to a course?
Participants have access to the course for one year from the date of enrollment.

How long does it take to complete a course?
We currently have two lengths of courses – courses that take 30 hours, and courses that take five hours.

What are the technological requirements for eCourses?
Participants must have Internet access and an email address. The following browsers and systems are supported.


  • Internet Explorer 11 and Edge
  • Chrome 48 and 49
  • Safari 8 and 9
  • Firefox 44 and 45

Operating Systems

  • Windows XP SP3 and newer
  • Mac OSX 10.6 and newer
  • Linux – chromeOS

Mobile Operating System Native App Support

  • iOS 7 and newer
  • Android 2.3 and newer

How do eCourses fit in a district professional development plan?

  • eCourses may be used to launch a new initiative.
  • eCourses may be used to support an existing initiative.
    • Introduce new ideas and set a foundation for learning
    • Establish common language among a group of learners
    • Provide context for further/deeper learning with Corwin consultants or at a Corwin Institute
    • Allow for a “deep dive” into content to help an existing initiative move from “awareness” to “implementation”
    • Allow for multiple audiences (teachers, coaches, and administrators) to apply information to their professional setting
  • eCourses can help bring focus to an existing initiative.
    • Bring a group of learners together to focus on common ideas, concepts, and strategies
    • Common outcomes and products for all learners so that initiatives can be scaled throughout a district (multiple schools)
  • eCourses provide a way to personalize and/or differentiate professional development
    • Variety of courses allows for different groups to choose a particular area of interest/need
    • Assignments within courses allow for individuals to apply ideas, concepts, and strategies in a way that makes sense to their work

Are eCourses facilitated?
If a school or district decides to enroll a cohort in an eCourse, the school or district identifies facilitators and defines their role. Facilitators can:

  • Establish deadlines for completing each course module and/ or completing the entire course
  • Respond to participants’ posts in the discussion forums
  • Provide participants with feedback on completed assignments

How many facilitators should we select for each cohort?

  • For cohorts of 10-15, we recommend identifying one facilitator.
  • For cohorts of 15-30, we recommend identifying two facilitators.

What if a school or district prefers to offer eCourses without facilitation?
Corwin can set up courses so that participants complete them as an independent study and at their own pace. In this case, participants will not engage in an online discussion forum or have the option of receiving facilitator feedback on completed assignments.

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