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Developing Teaching Expertise

Developing Teaching Expertise
A Guide to Adaptive Professional Learning Design

  • Ryan Dunn - The University of Melbourne, Australia
  • John Hattie - The University of Melbourne, Australia

June 2021 | 152 pages | Corwin

Cultivate a Culture of Learning by Doing In Teacher Development

Picture a world where teachers, equipped with the expertise to produce the best outcomes in every context, confidently and intentionally inquire, adapt, and change instruction based on student needs. Do you know how to get them there?

Developing Teaching Expertise offers a proactive framework for teachers to work through iterative design cycles and understand how to make ‘what works best’ work in their unique classroom. Aligned to the varied components of teacher professional learning, this book supports the development of teaching expertise by:

  • Exploring how specific design and leadership approaches can be integrated to form a useful framework for leading teacher professional learning
  • Highlighting ways to navigate through complex educational environments 
  • Incorporating illustrative tools and vignettes, and real-life examples of results from different educational settings

    This book offers a deep exploration to lead and intentionally cultivate a culture of lifelong teacher learning.



    Chapter 1. Teacher Professional Learning
    Chapter 2. Leading Teacher Learning
    Chapter 3. Adaptive Teaching Teams and Collaborative Expertise
    Chapter 4. Evaluative Thinking and Expertise Pathways
    Chapter 5. Understanding and Developing Teaching Dispositions

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