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Writing Meaningful Evaluations for Non-Instructional Staff - Right Now!!

Writing Meaningful Evaluations for Non-Instructional Staff - Right Now!!
The Principal's Quick-Start Reference Guide

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December 2003 | 104 pages | Corwin
Help is finally hereùeffortless, efficient but effective evaluations for your entire staff! A complementary volume to the bestselling Writing Meaningful Teacher EvaluationsùRight Now!! and Writing Year-End Teacher Improvement PlansùRight Now!!, this indispensable resource is an essential timesaver for any busy administrator charged with developing written performance evaluations for non-instructional staff. It not only outlines the pertinent areas of assessment, but also actually provides the right words to communicate your evaluation effectively and professionally. This easy-to-use tool offers practical rubrics to judge the performance of everyone from clerical, maintenance, security and health/medical personnel to aides, administrators, counselors and disciplinarians. Also included with each book is a CD-ROM for easy use and replication of evaluation forms. Special sections of the book include: ''''Performance Statementsùspecific descriptions for each job title, divided into five benchmark areas (Tasks, Expertise, Preparation and Organization, Related Responsibilities, and Interpersonal Domain) ''Suggested Pats on the Backùmeaningful words of encouragement for each position type ''Reproducible formsùthe 'Evaluation Organizer,' 'Record of Evaluations,' and 'Checklist of Basic Documentation/Conditions' forms enable you to document and manage your observations quickly and easily ''Description of Positionsùan instant reference for the objectives, responsibilities and tasks of each position''CD-ROM is PC and Mac compatible and not sold separately.

About the Authors
Why Is This Guide Needed?

What a Good Written Evaluation Looks Like

Part I. Writing the Evaluation
Section I. Aides
Paraprofessional, Teacher Aide, Teacher Assistant

Section II. Clerical Staff
Secretary, Supervisor Clerk/Clerk

Section III. Counselors
Child Study Team Counselor, Guidance Counselor, School Attendance Counselor, Student Assistant Counselor

Section IV. Disciplinarians
Crisis Intervention Advisor, Dean, In-School Suspension Staff

Section V. Health/Medical Professionals
Health Care Advisor, School Nurse, School Psychologist

Section VI. Maintenance Professionals
Boiler Operator, Custodial Staff Member, Delivery Personnel, Food Service Manager, School Facilities Operator, Senior Custodian

Section VII. Security Staff
Driver Education, Traffic Safety Personnel, Police Officer, Security Guards

Section VIII. Administrators
Assistant/Vice Principal, Principal

Part II. Other Helpful Resources for Writing Performance Evaluations
Section IX. Vocabulary Aids
Section X. The Evaluation Organizer
Section XI. Record of Evaluations
Section XII. A Checklist of Basic Documentation and/or Conditions
Section XIII. Description of Positions
( A Brief Overview Of The Objectives, Responsibilities and Tasks Involved In The Job Description)


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