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Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites

Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites
20 Instructional Strategies That Engage the Brain

Third Edition
Edited by:

November 2015 | 248 pages | Corwin

Bring Novelty Into The Classroom To Get Knowledge Into Students’ Brains!

You can invest time and effort into perfecting your lesson plans, encouraging good student behavior, and ensuring your classroom accommodates every learning style. But if your students don’t remember what you teach them, what’s the point? 

Banish this concern forever when you use the strategies in this thoroughly updated third edition of Marcia Tate’s bestselling Worksheets Don’t Grow Dendrites, which details twenty definitive brain-compatible techniques to maximize retention and minimize forgetting in learners of all ages. 

Tate’s techniques are drawn from the latest neuroscientific research and learning style theory and are described step-by-step for immediate application in your classroom. Learn how to: 

  • Incorporate interactive fun to your existing lessons, including field trips, games, humor, and even music and rap
  • Use graphic organizers and word webs to solidify lessons visually
  • Facilitate innovative methods of project-based learning

You’ll also benefit from new sample lesson plans, activities, and illustrations that reflect the latest research on how students’ brains develop and function. With this book, your students will retain the information from your classroom for years to come. 

About the Author
Strategy 1: Brainstorming and Discussion
Strategy 2: Drawing and Artwork
Strategy 3: Field Trips
Strategy 4: Games
Strategy 5: Graphic Organizers, Semantic Maps, and Word Webs
Strategy 6: Humor
Strategy 7: Manipulatives, Experiments, Labs, and Models
Strategy 8: Metaphors, Analogies, and Similes
Strategy 9: Mnemonic Devices
Strategy 10: Movement
Strategy 11: Music, Rhythm, Rhyme, and Rap
Strategy 12: Project-Based and Problem-Based Learning
Strategy 13: Reciprocal Teaching and Cooperative Learning
Strategy 14: Role Plays, Drama, Pantomimes, and Charades
Strategy 15: Storytelling
Strategy 16: Technology
Strategy 17: Visualization and Guided Imagery
Strategy 18: Visuals
Strategy 19: Work Study and Apprenticeships
Strategy 20: Writing and Journals
Resource A: Brain-Compatible Lesson Plan
Resource B: Graphic Organizers

This is an excellent resource book. It has wonderful strategies and I wish I could use it in my class as a required text; however, we are required to keep the student "costs" as low as possible. therefore, I utilize it as a supplemental and am happy to say MOST of my students do buy it at my suggestion. It is unfortunately just not one of my required texts at this point. But it is superb!

Professor Richard Abraham McMahon
Education Dept, Iona College
February 20, 2016
Key features
  • Updated throughout
  • Extremely practical and user-friendly
  • Full of classroom examples in all content areas and all grade levels that teachers can implement immediately
  • Based on research and theory while maintaining a completely accessible, teacher-friendly style

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