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Visual Impact, Visual Teaching

Visual Impact, Visual Teaching
Using Images to Strengthen Learning

Second Edition
Edited by:

January 2009 | 240 pages | Corwin
Formerly a publication of The Brain Store

The students now moving through our educational system are by far the most visually stimulated generation our schools have ever had to teach. Having grown up with cable television, video games, computer software, and the Internet, they are truly visual learners coming of age in an increasingly visual world.

Today's students respond best to active learning strategies combined with visual stimulation. Discover how to use photographs and fine arts in your curriculum with this unique resource that includes hundreds of subject-specific visual learning activities for the classroom!

Foreword by Nathan Jensen
Publisher’s Acknowledgments
About the Author
1. What Is Visual Teaching?
What Is Visual Teaching?

Introduction to Visual Teaching

The Six Methods of Visual Learning

Critical Visual Thinking

The Power of Visual Learning

2. Brain-Compatible Learning
Brain-Compatible Learning

Learning Styles

Differentiating Instruction

Multiple Intelligences

Character Education

Processing Visual Information

Visual vs. Auditory Cortex


Tapping Into the Right-Brain


3. Visual Communication Tools
Photographic Language

What Is Infinity?

Graphic Organizers


The Three Levels of Visual Communication


General Photo Tips

Digital Photo Tips

Technology-Based Instruction

Using the Internet in the Classroom

Media Literacy

4. Fine Arts
Affecting the Brain With Music

Visual Music

The Six Methods of Visual/Musical Learning

Affecting the Brain With Color

The Watergraph Process

Role-Play and Drama

Material Acquisition

5. Visual Communication Skills for English Language Learners
Standards and Strategies

Visual Thinking Maps

Image Mapping

Visual Links

Visual Journals

6. Subject-Specific Visual Learning Activities for the Classroom
Language Arts



Environmental Studies

Social Studies

Arts & Humanities

Early Childhood


Life Skills

Enhancing Self-Esteem

Global Holidays

Bibliography & Recommended Reading

"Hold on to this author—he is magical! I feel so lucky to have this book on my shelf! I learned more from reading Gangwer's book than I have in eight years of professional development workshops."

Laura S. Gulledge, Media Literacy Teacher
Benjamin Russell High School, Alexander City, AL

"A valuable and well-ordered amalgamation of research on the use of images to support learning through visual literacy in all subjects and age levels. Gangwer has effectively organized information from many sources into a form that is readable and practical for a wide variety of education practitioners, including classroom teachers and fine arts teachers."

Ellen Herbert, Art Teacher
Longview High School, TX

"The book provides a much-needed guide for teachers to incorporate visual teaching and learning strategies into their classrooms."

Rhonda S. Robinson, Distinguished Teaching Professor, and Mary Baker Turner, Graduate Student
Northern Illinois University

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