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Using Web and Paper Questionnaires for Data-Based Decision Making

Using Web and Paper Questionnaires for Data-Based Decision Making
From Design to Interpretation of the Results

  • Susan J. Thomas - Indira Gandhi Institute for Development Research, Mumbai, India

March 2004 | 216 pages | Corwin
Most books on survey research focus on research methodology and are not practical and user-friendly. Susan J Thomas' book will contain information on web-based surveys, a topic missing in most books on survey research. The book includes practitioner-focused workbook with more graphics, sample surveys, anecdotes, simple hints and reminders, checklists. Administrators are under increasing pressure to use data-based decision making, and this guide will provide them with the knowledge and tools to do so with an inexpensive and solid data-gathering tool--the survey.

About the Author
1. Launching Your Survey Project
2. Asking the Right Questions
3. Creating Response Choices for Rating Scales
4. Putting the Questionnaire Together
5. Identifying and Contacting Respondents
6. Pilot Testing the Questionnaire
7. Maximizing Your Response Rate: Collecting the Data
8. Analyzing the Data and Making Data-Based Decisions
9. Communicating the Results
Resource A: Questionnaire for the Case Study

"Clearly written, easy to understand, and has plenty of examples and guides for those implementing these ideas. Designed as a cookbook, it superbly enables educators to write, administer, and analyze a survey."

Sandra L. Stein, Professor of Education
Rider University

"This book provides a thorough, step-by-step, easy-to-follow resource that takes educators through all phases of the survey process. It will become a welcome addition to educators as they collect and use questionnaire data to make data-based decisions."

Patricia Barker, Director of Planning and Assessment
South Orange Maplewood School District, NJ

"This book offers everything necessary to create an excellent survey from start to finish—a must-have book for educators."

Elizabeth Celentano, Education Test Program Specialist
New Jersey Department of Education

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