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Technology, Curriculum, and Professional Development

Technology, Curriculum, and Professional Development
Adapting Schools to Meet the Needs of Students With Disabilities

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December 2000 | 264 pages | Corwin
Edited by John Woodward, a nationally acclaimed special educational technologies researcher, and Larry Cuban, a premier technology educator in the U.S., this book provides critical examination of current research into technology usage for students with disabilities. The contributing authors establish the history of special education technologies and the new requirements per IDEA '97, then discuss the success and obstacles for special education technology implementation. Research was funded by the Office of Special Education Programs, U.S. Department of Education. This book highlights: - Innovative uses of technology - Consideration of pedagogical, curricular, and classroom organizational approaches - Making technology implementation meaningful and enduring - Design considerations for researchers and developers

About the Editors
About the Contributors
David B. Malouf
Special Education Technology and the Field of Dreams

John Woodward, Deborah Gallagher, and Herbert Reith
1. No Easy Answer
The Instructional Effectiveness of Technology for Students with Disabilities

Bonnie Todis
2. It Can't Hurt
Implementing AAC Technology in the Classroom for Students with Severe and Multiple Disabilities

Cynthia M. Okolo and Ralp P. Ferretti
3. Preparing Future Citizens
Technology-Supported, Project-Based Learning in the Social Studies

Charles R. Greenwood, Liang-Shye Hou, Joseph Delquadri, Barbara J. Terry, and Carmen Arreaga-Mayer
4. Classwide Peer Tutoring Program
A Learning Management System

Judith M. Zorfass
5. Sustaining a Curriculum Innovation
Cases of Make It Happen!

Charles A. MacArthur
6. Technology Implementation in Special Education
Understanding Teachers' Beliefs, Plans and Decisions

Larry Cuban
7. Why Are Most Teachers Infrequent and Restrained Users of Computers in Their Classrooms?
Edward Blackhurst
8. Designing Technology Professional Development Programs
Carol Sue Englert and Yong Zhao
9. The Construction of Knowledge in a Collaborative Community
Reflections on Three Projects

Andrew S. Halpern and Michael R. Benz
10. The Rise and Fall of the Community Transition Team Model
Marleen C. Pugach and Cynthia L. Warger
11. How Does Technology Support a Special Education Agenda? Using What We Have Learned to Inform the Future

"…the volume will benefit researchers and those involved in the implementation of technology for students with disabilities." 

C. Grissom, Marian College
CHOICE Magazine
January 2002, vol. 39, no. 5

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