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Teaching Writing With Rubrics

Teaching Writing With Rubrics
Practical Strategies and Lesson Plans for Grades 2-8

March 2004 | 200 pages | Corwin
The step-by-step instructions, scheduling guidelines, rubric assessments, and reproducible forms in this guide are the result of years of research, planning, and fine-tuning in the classroom. Inspiring student creativity while addressing standards has never been so easy!

Teaching Writing with Rubrics includes:

} eleven comprehensive, ready-to-use lesson plans

} strategies to adapt assignments for students with learning disabilities, English Language Learner students, gifted students, and secondary school students

} numerous classroom-tested reproducibles.

About the Authors
Part I. Getting Started
1. About Rubrics
What Is a Rubric?

How We Used Rubrics In Our Writing Program

Why Use Rubrics?

2. Setting up Your Classroom Writing Program
Structuring Your Program to Teach Students about Time Management
and Organization
Structuring Your Program to Teach Students about Time Management
and Organization
Structuring Your Program to Teach Students about Time Management and Organization

Supply List

How to Have Students Set up Their Composition Books

Using the Writing Process

What to Do With Students Who Finish Early or Late

Recommended Instruction On Outlining, Summarizing, and Using the Writing Process: Incorporating Six Trait Writing

Setting up Your Grade Book

3. How to Use This Book
Teacher Instruction for Each Rubric

Student Examples

Writing Rubric

Supplementary Handouts

Grading Rubrics

Part II. Writing Rubrics and Handouts
4. Autobiography (autobiographical)
Teacher Instruction for Autobiography Rubric

Student Examples

Autobiography Rubric

Autobiography Pre-writing Guide

Autobiography Rough Draft Grading Rubric

Autobiography Final Draft and Presentation Grading Rubric

5. Biography (biographical)
Teacher Instruction for Biography

Biography Rubric

Biography Pre-writing Guide

What is a Ven Diagram

Biography Rough Draft Grading Rubric

Biography Final Draft and Presentation Grading Rubric

6. Persuasive Essay (persuasive)
Teacher Instruction for Essay Rubric

Student Examples

Persuasive Essay Rubric

Persuasive Essay Sample Pre-write: Outline Form

Persuasive Essay Sample Pre-write: Cluster Form

Persuasive Essay Rough Draft and Grading Rubric

Persuasive Essay Final Draft and Presentation Grading Rubric

7. Research Paper (expository)
Teacher Instruction for Research Paper Rubric

Student Examples

Research Paper Rubric

Topic List

Sample Bibliography Cards

Sample Bibliography Page

Sample Note Card Format

Outline Example

Research Paper Rough Draft Grading Rubric

Research Paper Final Draft and Presentation Grading Rubric

8. News Article (expository)
Teacher Instruction for News Article Rubric

News Article Rubric

Parts of a News Article

Topic List

News Article Rough Draft Grading Rubric

News Article Final Draft and Presentation Grading Rubric

9. Legend (narrative)
Teacher Instruction for Legend Rubric

Student Examples

Legend Rubric

Legend Rough Draft Grading Rubric

Legend Final Draft and Presentation Grading Rubric

10. Fairy Tale (narrative)
Teacher Instruction for Fairy Tale Rubric

Student Examples

Fairy Tale Rubric

Fairy Tale Rough Draft Grading Rubric

Fairy Tale Final Draft and Presentation Grading Rubric

11. Science Fiction (narrative)
Teacher Instruction for Science Fiction Rubric

Science Fiction Rubric

Science Fiction Rough Draft Grading Rubric

Science Fiction Final Draft and Presentation Grading Rubric

12. Narrative (narrative)
Teacher Instruction for Narrative Rubric

Student Examples

Narrative Rubric

Narrative Rough Draft Grading Rubric

Narrative Final Draft and Presentation Grading Rubric

13. Family Tradition (autobiographical/narrative/descriptive)
Teacher Instruction for Family Tradition Rubric

Family Tradition Writing Rubric

Family Tradition Rough Draft Grading Rubric

Family Tradition Final Draft and Presentation Grading Rubric

14. Personal Experience (autobiographical/narrative/descriptive)
Teacher Instruction for Personal Experience Rubric

Student Examples

Personal Experience Writing Rubric

Personal Experience Rough Draft Grading Rubric

Personal Experience Final Draft and Presentation Grading Rubric

Part III. Creating & Adapting Your Own Rubrics
15. How to Create Your Own Rubrics
16. Adapting Our Program Across Ability Levels
High School

Special Education

ESL Students

Gifted Programs

Resource A: Teacher Reproducible Pages for Composition Books
Composition Book Guidelines and "Skills I Have Learned" List

Proofreading Marks and Editing Checklist

Table of Contents

Teacher's Copy of "Skills _____ Has Learned" List

Resource B: Teacher Resources
For Assignment Books

For ASAP Time

For Book Making Ideas

For More Information on the Writing Process


What a gift! I used your book from the first day. Using your guidelines, I am now developing my own units and rubrics.

Rebecca Kennerly, Student, Resident Teacher Program
University of New Mexico
Key features
  • Eleven different ready-to-use classroom-tested writing rubrics/assignments, from research paper to fairy tale.
  • All rubrics are the result of the authors' active research, planning, and experimenting in the classroom.
  • Each chapter opens with a suggested timeline for completion of each writing project, from introduction to rough draft, to final draft/presentation.
  • Each chapter is divided into four sections: 1. Teacher Instruction for Each Rubric; 2. Writing Rubric(s); 3. Supplementary Handouts; and 4. Rough Draft and Final Draft/Presentation Grading Rubrics.
  • Numerous reproducibles.
  • Strategies to adapt assignments for high school students, learning disabled students, ESL students, and gifted students (i.e. differentiation).
  • Strategies to adapt rubrics so they suit your particular state or district's standards (current rubrics are already aligned with national writing standards).

Sample Materials & Chapters

Foreword by Lisa O'Riley


Chapter 1: Rubrics

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