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Teaching Reading, Writing, and Spelling

Teaching Reading, Writing, and Spelling
All You Need to Succeed

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Literacy, K-12

August 1997 | 296 pages | Corwin
"Back-to-basics strategies, clearly outlined, along with many fresh, new ideas. A wonderful resource for even the most experienced teacher." Linda S. Nield, First-Grade Teacher, Mill Street School, Orland Public Schools "I simply followed the author's recipes for the first day of school and continued on through the 20th day and beyond. I was amazed at the transformation in my students." Cara Kennedy Langan, First-Grade Teacher, Lillian Nicholson Specialty School for Math and Science, Chicago This step-by-step guide offers all you need to teach and inspire a new generation of readers. Offers a balanced approach by combining a systematic phonics program with whole language. Teaches good reading skills by using the children's own language, basal readers, poems, and songs. Emphasizes writing, spelling, listening, and speaking skills as an integral part of the reading process. Daily lesson plans, strategies and activities, transparency masters, and other reproducible resources make your work easier. Each lesson reinforces and builds on students' prior learning. Provides first 20 days of school, plus lessons, techniques and activities to use throughout the school year. Kindergarten teachers will find plenty of ideas to use with students who are ready to read and write. Offers second- and third-grade teachers lessons for reviewing students' skills and ways to work with slower students. Reading specialists, special education teachers, and adult literacy teachers will all find the methods and techniques useful. Includes: * A systematic phonics guide and tips for making phonics "fun" * Transparency masters to teach manuscript writing * Detailed reading homework assignments * Letters to parents about reading at home and other activities * Ideas on using colors, chalkboards, and overheads to teach reading * Tips on using tape recorders, flashcards, magnets, and pocket charts Offers the practical structure new and experienced teachers need to round out their professional training.

A Balanced Approach

What You Need to Know about Phonics
Before School Begins
Activities from A to Z

First Day of School
Days 2-20
Lessons after Day 20
Teaching the Special Sounds of Phonograms
Teaching Spelling through Dictation
Using Basal Readers and Other Books
Promoting Reading Readiness
Vocabulary Flashcard Activities
More Reading Strategies
Reading at Home
Creative Writing

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