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Talent Management in Education

Talent Management in Education

March 2011 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Talent management is a critical factor in developing successful organizations. There is a need for organizations to develop 'talent pools' of great staff for the future direction and leadership of our schools.

This book explains the key concepts and provides frameworks for leaders to apply ideas of talent management in their organizations. The authors focus on talent management and how this contributes to other strategic objectives, such as building a high performance learning environment and building leadership in depth in the school.

In showing how to develop talented individuals for roles and responsibilities in new configurations of schools and leadership, the authors focus on:

  • Defining who are the talented individuals in your school
  • Developing talent individuals & leaders in your school
  • Building a talent culture in the school

This book is important for schools which are facing the challenge of developing innovative and imaginative leaders to meet the needs of school transformation.

The Context
Defining Organizational Strategy and Values
Performance Evaluation
Performance or Potential?
Talent Development
Professional Learning
The Architecture to Support Talent Development
Building a Talent-Management Culture
School or System Talent?
An Integrated Talent Management Model for Schools

'A book that takes a very clear strategic and practical view of leadership and the development of professional potential in schools. But it is more than this, as the Davies link what is often a purely functionalist approach to school management, to one that is embedded in values and culture in the knowledge that at the end of the day, it is this that really makes the difference to the life chances of our students' -
David Hopkins, School Leadership and Management

'Brent and Barbara Davies provide a new 21st century paradigm for staff development in schools. They champion diversity, personalisation, ethics and shared responsibility. In our challenging times, when the creativity, innovation and adaptability of school staff will define the great schools we need, this book will be essential reading. We know that we need to develop the talent and potential of every child. Now we must recognise our need to do the same for school staff. This book shows how we can build the capacity to ensure the continued development of all our schools' -
Liz Reid, Chief Executive, Specialist Schools and Academies Trust

"Talent Management in Education by Davies and Davies (2011) captures the essence of the IJBEM special issue on business education, as it illustrates some of the challenges facing the management of talent in that sector. Notable recommendations are provided in areas of academic freedom, talent identification, management support and collegiality –all key ingredients for the management and retention of talent in the education sector across levels, be it primary, secondary or tertiary/higher education."
-Nnamdi O. Madichie

Nnamdi O. Madichie
Canadian University Dubai
International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets, Vol. X, No. Y

I like the book, and some of its approach to talent management is unique, but in the end I chose to adopt a book on talent management that focuses more on the corporate context.

I do recommend it to students as supplemental reading

Dr Nicky Dries
Research Centre for Organisation Studies, Catholic University of Leuven
October 25, 2013

This is a great toolkit for schools to use as action research for school improvement.

Miss Liz McGuire
PGCE Secondary, Leeds Trinity and All Saints
May 26, 2011

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