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Supervision in Practice

Supervision in Practice
Three Steps to Improving Teaching and Learning

October 2000 | 184 pages | Corwin
Supervision Kit (Book, Video, and Workbook)


You'll gain essential hands-on supervisory skills in this user-friendly guide. No more theories that sound good but don't work. This book offers strategies and techniques that work in real situations--because they're research based and empirically tested! A must for any educational professional who strives to help teachers be better instructors.

The highlights:

} Jargon-free text hands-on practices to develop a personalized supervision strategy

} Field-tested tools and techniques for qualitative and quantitative observation

} Comprehensive resource of traditional and alternative supervisory structures

} Reproducible summary sheets, observation charts, and detachable 3" x 5" crib cards.


The "fishbowl techniques" and scenarios that form the center of Supervision That Improves Teaching, Second Edition come to life in this dynamic video from John Glenn. Susan Sullivan and Jeffrey Glanz are featured in this 65-minute video, where key concepts from the book are illustrated through real-life application in three different multiracial, ethnically diverse classrooms. Then additional real-life examples from other classrooms are offered, and viewers are challenged to analyze supervision techniques themselves in an innovative "Q&A" process that turns the tape into a unique learning tool. It's the perfect companion to the text, whether for personal use or for a larger professional development process.


This new guide for the Supervision in Practice video fully connects Sullivan's important book with the equally valuable Sullivan/Glanz video, creating a valuable tool for supervisors who are putting Sullivan's insights to use on a day-to-day basis. The guide focuses on the chapters from the book that comprise the video content, and uses ten stills from the video to 'complete the circle', offering additional applications and insights from the author. Like the book and video alone, the emphasis is on practical, applicable strategies and techniques for use in the real world, not theory or references-- the final piece of the supervision puzzle for practitioners at all levels.

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