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Strategies for Teaching Differently

Strategies for Teaching Differently
On the Block or Not

August 1998 | 496 pages | Corwin

"Using the strategies in this book will guarantee the academic success of all your students."
Faye Gode, Social Studies Teacher and Chairperson
Winnsboro High School, Texas

"A must-read book — prepares students for the next millennium."
Betty C. Donaldson, Associate Superintendent
Allen ISD, Texas

How can you fill the expanded blocks of time when your school goes to alternative schedule? What do you need to change about how you teach — and what will still work?

Evidence shows that lecturing for a full class period or using worksheets as a time filler just won't do it. Here is the help you need to create a meaningful classroom environment that stimulates, rather than discourages, active learning and participation. Teach your students how to accumulate real knowledge, develop principles, and build skills — not just memorize facts.

This practical, step-by-step teaching approach is based on the latest research on learning and multiple intelligences. Ensure that what you teach isn't going in one ear and out the other, but is committed to students' long-term memory. Change to interactive thinking activities — and increase your students' success.

Here are the keys to transforming your classroom from teacher focused to student focused. Change your mission from students getting the lesson to students learning how to learn. Move your emphasis from filling the time to showing students how to construct knowledge.

Find out how to

  • Use students' multiple intelligences to help them learn
  • Create a suitable climate for learning
  • Leave lecturing behind — and raise comprehension
  • Teach students how to organize and process information
  • Lower your school's drop-out rate and increase attendance
  • Help students master difficult concepts using visual representatives

Contains tables, diagrams, and examples of thinking activities, as well as 24 black line masters appropriate for Grades 6-12.

Leaving Lecture Behind
Creating a Climate for Learning
Team-Building Strategies
Constructing Knowledge
Demonstrating Understanding
Reflecting on the Learning

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