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From Staff Room to Classroom

From Staff Room to Classroom
A Guide for Planning and Coaching Professional Development

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September 2006 | 176 pages | Corwin
This new book from a leading staff developer gathers together a wealth of tools, strategies and advice on developing, delivering and coaching professional development.

With so many new initiatives and requirements to be incorporated into classroom teaching and assessment, this resource gives school leaders, staff developers and consultants everything they need to successfully guide staff to greater effectiveness and ultimately benefit student achievement. The book is built around four critical roles of the staff developer, and provides the knowledge base, skills, and tools for success. Photocopiables for helping staff process and transfer new learning are also included.

This resource also presents important information about customizing professional development for the needs of adult learners, sustaining and extending new strengths, and promoting the critical transfer of new learning into practice. Strategies and questions to promote reflective processing are threaded throughout.

From Staff Room to Classroom offers readers guidance as well as practical know-how and how-to distilled from the career experience of a distinguished international professional developer.

Acknowledgments From the Publisher
A Look at the Book

A Peek at the Chapter Highlights

An Invitation

About the Authors
1. A Guide to the Change Process
The Change Process

Tools to Use

2. A Guide to the Adult Learner
The Adult Learner

Tools to Use

3. A Guide to Site-Based Professional Development
Evolution of Professional Development

Tools to Use

4. A Guide to the Role of Designing Professional Learning
Desiging Role

Three Essential Elements

Tools to Use

5. A Guide to the Role of Presenting Professional Learning Experiences
The Presenting Role

Tools to Use

6. A Guide to the Role of Facilitating Professional Learning
The Facilitating Role

Tools to Use

7. A Guide to the Role of Coaching Professional Learning
The Coaching Role

Tools to Use

8. A Guide to the Anatomy of a Workshop
The Training Model That Works

A Classic Example

Tools to Use

9. A Guide to Sustained Professional Learning
Professional Learning Communities

Tools to Use


"The definitive book about planning and presenting professional development that energizes and empowers adult learners.  Captures the heart and soul of the process."

Kay Burke, International Consultant
Author, From Standards to Rubrics in 6 Steps, and other titles

"Fogarty has held true to her beliefs about professional development: 'accentuate the practical' and 'honor the teacher.' The authors bring the best of their many years of experience by putting these principles at the center of their sage and practical advice for professional developers."

Jim Bellanca, President
International Renewal Institute

"Provides templates and models that could be adapted for more insights into adult learning. In addition, rubrics and practical strategies are included to support curriculum design for adults. The book also provides a basic overview for those who want to gain a clearer understanding of the adult learner."

PsycCRITIQUES, October 2007, Vol. 52(41)
Key features
  • Identifies key roles and stages for  professional development
  • Provides clear guidance for success in each role
  • Brings a wealth of knowledge and tools for staff developers
  • Aligns with the needs of adult learners
  • Key resource for site-based staff development

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