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Before the Special Education Referral

Before the Special Education Referral
Leading Intervention Teams

October 2008 | 168 pages | Corwin
Develop an efficient prereferral intervention process that truly benefits students! For struggling students, the effectiveness of a school's prereferral intervention team can dramatically influence their level of school achievement and future success. This resource presents a step-by-step, four-phase model for developing effective prereferral intervention teams and presents methods for evaluating the effectiveness of a prereferral intervention program. The author shows how well-organized prereferral intervention teams can:Identify instructional and behavioral strategies before initiating a referral for a special education evaluationProvide powerful support to the Response to Intervention model for identifying learning disabilities Enhance the collaborative strengths of a professional learning community

About the Author
1. An Introduction to Prereferral Intervention Teams
Variations on a Theme

Educational Leader's Role


2. The Analysis and Decision-Making Phase
Costs and Benefits

Establishing and Analyzing the Task

Establishing Authority


3. The Planning and Preparation Phase
Determining Group Composition

Designing and Communicating the Task

School and District Supports

The Team Charter


4. The Start-Up Phase
Team Boundaries

Task Redefinition

Norms and Roles

The Start-Up Meeting

The Importance of the Start-Up Meeting

Initial Prereferral Intervention Team Training

Staff Awareness

Staff Training


5. The Assistance Phase
Eliminating Barriers


Reflection Activities

Assistance With Group Processes


6. Evaluating Prereferral Intervention Teams
Evaluation Tools

Data Analysis and Action Planning


7. Connecting Prereferral Intervention Teams and Response to Intervention
The Connection

Implementation Decisions

Universal Screening Decisions

Intervention Tier Decisions

Intervention Management Team Training and Staff Awareness

The Combined Process

Identifying the At-Risk Pool

Tier Placement


Final Thoughts

Resource A: Putting It All Together: The Implementation Plan
Resource B: Implementation Tools

"Clearly and concisely outlines 'good practice procedures' for prereferral teams. The author has put together a very thorough, thoughtful outline from start to finish concerning how to implement these procedures in a true-to-life setting."

Jodie L. Greene, Coordinator of Special Education
Plumsted Township School District, New Egypt, NJ

"A practical approach to the real problems administrators face when dealing with intervention and referral. The writing is clear and concise, providing examples and solutions to real-world situations. This book belongs in every school administrator’s professional library."

Jack Dennis, Principal
Columbia Middle School, Berkeley Heights, NJ
Key features
  • Provides educational leaders with a sequential, four-phase model designed to result in effective prereferral intervention teams
  • Explains the connection between Response to Intervention (RTI) and prereferral intervention and shows how to use the strengths of both models for more effective results
  • Includes numerous charts, tables, checklists that easily and clearly guide the reader through the implementation process
  • Provides numerous tools for school leaders, including reproducible handouts and an Implementation Plan organized by the school calendar
  • Written in a clear, narrative voice for easy reading and comprehension

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