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Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning
Differentiating Instruction for the 21st Century

February 2012 | 216 pages | Corwin

Increase achievement and engagement for all students in 21st century classrooms!

Project-based learning has emerged as one of today's most effective instructional practices. In PBL, students confront real-world issues and problems, collaborate to create solutions, and present their results. This exciting new book describes how PBL fosters 21st century skills and innovative thinking. The author provides instructional strategies, assessment methods, and detailed instruction on how to:

  • Design projects for various content areas across all grade levels
  • Integrate technology throughout the learning process
  • Use Khan Academy, webquests, wikis, and more to foster deeper conceptual learning
  • Build social learning networks
  • Differentiate instruction by scaffolding supports for the learning process

1. Engaging Students Through Project Based Learning
2: Project Based Learning in the Classroom
3. Designing Projects for Project Based Learning
4. Instructional Technologies in Project Based Learning
5. Instructional Strategies in Project Based Learning
6. Assessment Options For Project Based Learning
Appendix A: Relationship Between PBL and State Curricular Standards

"This resource serves as more than an introduction to PBL as an instructional approach; it removes the fear of trying the unknown. Filled with clear explanations and samples, real-world anecdotes and practical advice, as well as lists of resources, this book will become a user’s guide to a powerful instructional approach that will meet the needs of 21st century learners."

Ann Richardson, Coordinator English and Gifted/AP Programs
Fayette County Schools, Fayetteville, GA

"PBL is a powerful way to increase student participation and create critical thinkers for the 21st century."

Tania E. Dymkowski, District Instructional Support
Hays Consolidated I.S.D., Kyle, TX

"Not only is the work timely and current in the field of education, it provides educators with an inclusive resource for project based learning. This concept and the presentation of the material address the needs of students and teachers in the 21st century classroom. The resources, examples, and strategies presented support easy implementation!"

Catherine Alaimo Stickney, Director Of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Ashland Public Schools, MA

"Project based learning is the future of education. We can no longer prepare students for today's global world with traditional teaching methods. This book may well be our ticket to the future in education."

Denise Rives, Educational Consultant
Education Service Center Region 18, Midland, TX

The book comprises all the subjects that a course on Entrepreneurship review on a semester. It's a comprehensive step-by-step guide for building and managing projects.

Mr Francisco Javier Velazquez
Académico, Universidad del Golfo de México
September 25, 2015

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