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Proactive Classroom Management, K–8

Proactive Classroom Management, K–8
A Practical Guide to Empower Students and Teachers

January 2012 | 192 pages | Corwin

77 practical activities that reinforce positive behavior

Every teacher dreams of the perfect, well-behaved class, but the reality can be quite different. On those less-than-perfect days, having a system in place helps you and your students stay on track. This gold mine of teacher-developed and -approved strategies goes beyond classroom management theory and gives you ready-to-use tools that not only encourage positive behavior, but also empower students to take responsibility for their behavior.

This book is organized into two sections: the first provides general classroom operating principles for maintaining control of the classroom and for helping teachers with day-to-day classroom management; and the second is chock full of teacher-friendly activities to promote an enhanced classroom environment. Excellent for all students, these strategies will help you:

  • Improve your teaching and classroom management skills
  • Enhance your knowledge base
  • Maintain a positive attitude so that you can be proactive rather than reactive

Also included are a quick-glance chart that groups the activities by appropriate grade level and checklists for classroom procedures and routines, teacher classroom management, and self- evaluation. Are you ready to get started? Let these "best of the best" activities lead the way!

Quick Glance
Part 1: Proactive Teaching and Student Empowerment
1. Proactive Teaching
2. Boundaries
3. Teacher Self-Esteem
4. Teaching and Rewarding Responsible Behavior
5. Responsible Instruction
6: Nine Features of Effective Classroom Management
The IeAM System

Data Collection

Classsroom Procedures and Routines Checklist

Teacher Classroom Management Self-Check

School Behavior Checklist

Class Meeting

Cooperative/Collaborative Learning

Conflict Resolution

Classroom Manager Roles

Part 2: Activities to Promote Positive Classroom and Student Behavior
Website Resources

"This text offers all sorts of practical ways to promote student well-being and learning."

Sandra Moore, High School English Teacher
Coupeville High School, WA

"A child-centric toolbox for educators wanting to empower students, manage behavior, and get to the important task of delivering quality instruction."

Darron Laughland, Education Coordinator
The Enriched Learning Center, Berlin, NH

"This book is practical, easy to read, and focused on the ‘real’ world of the classroom. The author recognizes that teachers have different teaching styles and allows them to choose what will work with their personality."

Donna Adkins, First-Grade Teacher
Perritt Primary School, Arkadelphia, AR

"This book will show teachers how to empower their students to become lifelong learners, and capable adults with the best possible future."

Renee Peoples, Third Grade Teacher
Swain West Elementary, Bryson City, NC

"This book is well researched and has a good variety of strategies that are clearly written and can be implemented easily."


Sandi Phair, Second Grade Teacher
West Hill Elementary School, Rocky Hill, CT
Key features

This book includes:

  • 75+ ready-to-implement activities to promote positive classroom and student behavior
  • A "Quick Glance" chart that groups the activities by appropriate grade level
  • Several checklists to aid in assessment and implementations, including a Classroom Procedures and Routines Checklist, a Teacher Classroom Management Self-Check, and a Self Evaluation of School Behaviors Checklist.

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