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Out-of-the-Box Leadership

Out-of-the-Box Leadership

May 2007 | 184 pages | Corwin

Develop a leadership style that inspires an entire school community to achieve high goals!

In this second volume of The Soul of Educational Leadership series, editors Paul D. Houston, Alan M. Blankstein, and Robert W. Cole offer creative perspectives on the challenges of reframing leadership practice. Presenting key strategies from leadership experts such as Thomas Sergiovanni and Dennis Sparks, this compact resource combines research, reflective exercises, and day-to-day school leadership procedures for motivating students and providing meaningful cultural change in school communities.

An ideal handbook for principals, assistant principals, superintendents, and district administrators, this copublication with AASA and the HOPE Foundation discusses:

  • Developing high-quality leadership
  • Inspiring transformative leadership
  • Embracing leadership alternatives
  • Evaluating current school reform practices
  • Meeting the challenges in leadership roles

Out-of-the-Box Leadership is the perfect guide to help administrators rethink, reshape, and strengthen their leadership styles and provide confident, focused direction that will help build real success for students and all members of the school community.

About the Editors
About the Contributors
Paul D. Houston
1. Out-of-the-Box Leadership
Dennis Sparks
2. What It Means to Be an Outside-the-Box Leader
Les M. Omotani
3. Caring, Serving…Leading
Thomas J. Sergiovanni
4. An Epistemological Problem: What If We Have the Wrong Theory?
Kari Cocozzella and Thomas J. Kasper
5. Reflections on Leadership: When Minds and Hearts Are Open
Jane A. Kendrick
6. Out-of-the-Box Leadership: A Reflection on Leading Educational Transformation
Hank Rubin
7. Through Others’ Eyes: A Collaborative Model of Leadership
Jerome T. Murphy
8. Embracing the Enemy: Moving Beyond the Pain of Leadership

"Contributes current and powerful information in a clear and concise format that is much needed for principals and superintendents to function productively in the current educational environment."

Chuck Bonner, Assistant Principal
Great Valley High School, Malvern, PA

Relevant to the objectives of the course syllabus

Dr Robert Berardi
Education Dept, Northeastern University
December 25, 2009
Key features
  • Compact volume offering contributions from top school leadership figures in theory and practice
  • Combines research, practice, and reflective exercises into a single volume
  • A co-publication with AASA and the HOPE Foundation

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