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Navigating the National Board Certification Process

Navigating the National Board Certification Process
A Step-by-Step Workbook for Teachers

May 2004 | 152 pages | Corwin
The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) has developed standards of what constitutes quality teaching in every subject and grade level. National Board Certification measures a teacher's practice against these high and rigorous standards. It is a performance-based assessment process that includes a teaching portfolio, student work samples, videotapes, and assessments of content knowledge. Ninety-three percent of candidates-both successful and unsuccessful-say that the board certification process has made them better teachers. Early studies have shown that board-certified teachers are more capable.

The author is a board certified teacher who has successfully led dozens of teachers through the certification process. The certification process is time-consuming and difficult, and Hopkins years' of experience with the pitfalls and obstacles will help teachers avoid the "If I'd only known" syndrome. Full of insider's advice on time management and planning tips, the book contains numerous worksheets to take teachers through each and every step of the certification process to ensure that no deadlines are missed and that they meet all the requirements for applications, the portfolio, and the content assessments. The book is arranged around the five core propositions of the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards and contains the voices and examples of teachers who have already completed the process.

About the Author
Part I: Choosing Your Destination
1. What Is Accomplished Teaching?
2. Am I Ready for the Journey?
Part II: Packing Your Bags
3. Managing Paperwork
4. Planning and Practicing
Part III: Making the Journey
5, Creating Your Portfolio
6. Preparing for the Content Knowledge Assessments
Part IV: Returning Home
7. Reflecting on Your Accomplishments
Resource A: Reproducible Worksheets
Resource B: List of Acronyms

"A useful tool for helping teachers determine if the National Board process is right for them. It offers guidance and tips through each step of the journey."

Principal Navigator, May 2007
Key features

·         Aligned with NCATE, INTASC, and NBPTS standards

·         Will help teachers through the difficult process of writing about their teaching practices—contains writing tips, advice, sample writings, and exercises

·         Expert advice on putting together a video for the portfolio—from technical tips to choosing the appropriate lesson

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