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Navigating Cultural Competence in Grades 6–12

Navigating Cultural Competence in Grades 6–12
A Compass for Teachers

Foreword by Francisco Rios

October 2010 | 176 pages | Corwin

"This well crafted, highly informative, and easy-to-read book is a must for teachers who are trying to find constructive and nonthreatening ways to engage with ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity. The author's approach to the topic is encouraging and enlightening."
—Geneva Gay, Professor of Education
University of Washington

"Gallavan effectively guides teachers through learning each child's story, providing meaningful connections, and collectively sharing the responsibility for all students' learning."
—Linda D. Jungwirth, President, Convening Conversations, Inc.
Pepperdine University, CA

Chart your course with the Gallavan cultural competence compass

All children have one important thing in common—the need to be treated with dignity, respect, and care. Navigating Cultural Competence in Grades 6–12 shows teachers and administrators how to ensure that the cultures of all peoples are considered and valued. The author provides an eight-point cultural compass to guide you in crafting a respectful and inclusive curriculum. Each chapter includes frequently asked questions, specific strategies, and activities that help you:

  • Broaden your knowledge about cultural diversity
  • Become comfortable discussing culture
  • Increase confidence in your teaching
  • Create a welcoming school environment

It is vital for you to infuse cultural competence into your instruction, build bridges between students in the classroom, and strive to connect students' home and school lives. This book provides valuable tools for ensuring that all students feel accepted and engaged.

Foreword by Francisco Rios
About the Author
1. Explore Cultural Competence
2. Begin Your Transformation
3. N: Notice Culture and Cultural Characteristics
4. NE: Negotiate and Evaluate Curriculum and Content
5. E: Establish Community and Context
6. SE: Seek and Engage in Collaboration and Construction
7. S: Spark Conversation and Climate and SW: Strengthen and Weave Together Complexities and Controversies
8. W: Waken Compassion and Commitment and NW: Nurture and Welcome Challenges and Changes
Resource A. Gallavan Cultural Competence Compass
Resource B. Review Checklist
Resource C. Websites

"Like a compass guiding travelers on their journeys, the Gallavan cultural competence compass supplies teacher candidates, classroom teachers, school administrators, and educational researchers with a well-crafted tool that addresses all players and aspects of education. Each of the eight compass points delves into a segment of teaching and learning that educators must make visible in all of their endeavors."

Porter Lee Troutman, Professor and Co-Founder of the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME)
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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