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Multi-Dimensional Education

Multi-Dimensional Education
A Common Sense Approach to Data-Driven Thinking

June 2011 | 320 pages | Corwin
'In an evidence-driven era, gathering comprehensive data will enable schools to meet their academic goals and to engage in a holistic approach to education.'ùAvis Glaze, PresidentEdu-Quest International Inc., Valhalla, NY'The challenges facing educators today are immense and the pressure to 'perform' is clearly evident. This book provides a fresh and compelling argument to look far beyond test score 'performance' when measuring success in our schools.'ùKurt Suhr, PrincipalNewport Heights Elementary School, Newport Beach, CAA comprehensive guide to data-driven school improvementSchools arenÆt one-dimensional. Your decision making shouldnÆt be either. If you want to look beyond student test scores to identify the specific areas that need improvement in your school, you will find practical tools for assessing multiple areas with confidence here. The authors detail a step-by-step framework for identifying, collecting, analyzing, and using data as a basis for driving school improvement in the right direction. Based on more than 40 years of research, this seven-dimension model will help enhance your schoolÆs curriculum, community, climate and character by applying data to these key processes:Assessing student achievementModifying instruction based on data findingsImproving school performanceRetaining effective teachersThe result is a holistic and accurate instrument for making the changes needed to improve student learning. Included are assessment tools, process charts, graphic organizers, rubrics, tables, numerous examples, and background research.

About the Authors
Introduction: A New Lens by Michael W. Corrigan
I. Assessment
1. The Paradoxes, Oxymorons, and Myths of Education
2. The Seven Dimensions to Guiding Systemic Data-Driven Thinking
3. Connecting the Data Dots to Achievement
II. Improvement
4. The 4Cs Framework for Shared Leadership and Planning
5. The C of Curriculum
6. The C of Community
7. The C of Climate
8. The C of Character
III. Achievement
9. Gearing Up for Systemic Success
10. Rising Above the Standards

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Dr Lynn Williams
Leadership, Policy, and Adult and Higher Education, North Carolina State University
July 14, 2013
Key features
We have developed a number of process charts, graphic organizers, rubrics, and other tables to present our process, dimensional model, data-driven frameworks, and research. We estimate there will be approximately 5 figures per chapter; 55 figures.

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