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Making Schools Smarter

Making Schools Smarter
Leading With Evidence

Third Edition
  • Kenneth Leithwood - University of Toronto, Canada, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Toronto, Canada
  • Robert Aitken - Private Practice, Santa Rosa, California
  • Doris Jantzi - Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Toronto, Canada

January 2006 | 216 pages | Corwin

Proven tools for data-driven school improvement!

From strategic planning and accountability to restructuring goals, school leaders face a myriad of organizational tasks, each one vying for immediate action. Where to begin and where best to allocate resources become critical questions as the issue of organization becomes more prevalent. The third edition of a powerful bestseller, Making Schools Smarter provides the refined and updated tools to create a workable model for reshaping today's school districts for positive outcomes.

This practical guide addresses and helps resolve significant issues in district and school leadership, including:

  • Determining a comprehensive and real image of future schools and districts as professional learning communities
  • Highlighting critical changes for achieving missions and goals
  • Providing school leaders with much-needed tools to demonstrate and improve accountability

With No Child Left Behind and increased accountability as powerful reminders of what's at stake, Making Schools Smarter gets to the heart of the argument that smarter schools mean enhanced learning for all.

About the Authors
1. Introduction
Part I. Basic Assumptions About Schools and Districts
2. Clarifying Assumptions: Three Perspectives
3. What Is a Professional Learning Community?
Part II. Educational Inputs and Outcomes
4. What Are Schools Given to Work With?
5. What Ought to Be Accomplished?
Part III. Critical Processes and Conditions: A Systems Orientation to the Core Technology of Schooling
6. Leadership and Management
7. Mission and Goals, Culture and Community
8. Planning and Instructional Services
9. Structure and Organization, and Data-Driven Decision Making
10. Policies and Procedures, and Community Partnerships
Part IV. Gathering and Using School and District Monitoring Information
11. Collecting, Analyzing, and Interpreting Monitoring Information
12. Using School and District Monitoring Information
Appendix A: The School Surveys
Appendix B: The District Surveys

"The suggested monitoring system is designed to help acquire information needed for improvement and accountability. Both practical and easy to read, this guide includes refined and updated tools and provides support for professional communities."

Curriculum Connections, Fall 2006
School Library Journal

A good text, but I had others I liked better. Will preview again before I settle on books for spring, 2013.

Dr Gregory Hicks
Leadership, Policy, and Adult and Higher Education, North Carolina State University
August 25, 2012

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