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Making Good Choices

Making Good Choices
Developing Responsibility, Respect, and Self-Discipline in Grades 4-9

February 2003 | 112 pages | Corwin

Help each student make the transition from child to responsible teenager and adult!

Oftentimes children between the ages of 9 and 15 (grades 4-9) seem to exist in a twilight zone between a waning childhood and an impending functioning adulthood.  These critical years are an ideal—and essential—time to teach those students to accept responsibility for the consequences of their own behavior, to recognize that mistakes can become opportunities for learning, and to help them learn how to formulate and live with classroom and community rules that promote responsibility, respect, and self-discipline.

By the author of Discipline With Dignity, Making Good Choices offers teachers eight ready-to-use strategies with objectives, materials, language, and examples—all designed to encourage students to:

  • Accept responsibility for their own behavior
  • Learn the difference between internal and external control
  • Learn to predict the outcomes of their decisions
  • Learn to plan and redesign plans
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Learn direct and effective communication
  • Learn to identify classroom rules that promote responsibility and respect
  • Learn how to make the classroom their community

Employ these strategies and utilize the included forms, checklists, classroom posters and glossary, and help your students learn to make good choices for good behavior in the classroom and then transfer those positive behaviors to the real world.

About the Author
1. The Classroom as a Laboratory for Life
2. Eight Objectives and Ten Guidelines for Using This Book
3. Accepting Responsibility
4. Who's in Charge?
5. The Art of Prediction
6. Take Time to Plan
7. Learning from Mistakes
8. Effective Communication
9. Rules, Rules, Rules!
10. The Classroom as Community
Key features
  • By the author of the best-selling Discipline with Dignity.
  • Eight ready-to-use classroom strategies with objectives, materials, language, and examples.
  • Forms, checklists, classroom posters, and an informative glossary that covers locus of control, passive aggressive behavior, and more.


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