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Leading Lesson Study

Leading Lesson Study
A Practical Guide for Teachers and Facilitators

December 2006 | 232 pages | Corwin
'Provides readers with a compelling rationale for the process, offers experience-tested tools, and suggests ways to address commonly-occurring challenges. This book will assist teachers, and those who support them, in understanding and implementing all phases of lesson study, from initial planning through sharing with others what was learned' - Dennis Sparks, Executive Director, National Staff Development Council

'A powerful teacher professional development process that focuses collaborative teams directly on the classroom, and the perfect tool for teachers, professional developers, and team leaders. Gives you everything you need to use lesson study to support teachers in thinking deeply about practice' - Roberta Jaffe, Science Education Coordinator, New Teacher Center, University of California, Santa Cruz

Use this team-centered approach to directly enhance teaching and learning in your school!

First introduced in Japan, lesson study has gained enthusiastic advocates in U.S. educational circles as a powerful, collaborative approach that brings teachers together as researchers into the science and craft of teaching and learning in their classrooms. Teachers work as teams to develop a lesson plan, teach and observe the lesson to collect data on student learning, and use their observations to refine their lesson. Participants build their sense of professional authority while discovering effective practices that result in improved learning outcomes for their students.

This "how-to" guide provides teachers, administrators, and team leaders with practical strategies, models, and tools. The book leads a beginning team through the phases of the lesson study cycle and provides an experienced team with new perspectives. Using examples from U.S. classrooms, this handbook:

· Encourages educators to generate and share knowledge

· Inspires a teacher-researcher stance

· Illustrates both the process and substance of lesson study

· Encourages collaboration

· Provides guidelines for avoiding common pitfalls

Leading Lesson Study is an excellent resource for both experienced and novice lesson study teams, administrators who want to start a lesson study program, and lesson study team facilitators such as instructional coaches and professional development providers.

Foreword by Bill Jackson
About the Authors
1. Introduction—Making the Case for Lesson Study
An Overview of Lesson Study

Core Elements of Lesson Study

Building a Research Base for Lesson Study

2. Laying the Groundwork for Lesson Study
Beginning With the Necessary Ingredients

Additional Supports

Creating a Lesson Study Action Plan

Inviting Teachers to Participate

Finding Time

Gaining Support From Administrators

Finding External Support

Developing a Collaborative School Culture

Challenges of Laying the Groundwork

Moving on to the Next Phase

Key Ideas

3. Starting the Lesson Study Cycle
Roles and Responsibilities

Creating the Schedule

Developing Into a Team

Identifying Group Norms

Maintaining Group Norms

Becoming a Community of Practice

Types of Lesson Study Goals

Key Ideas

4. Planning the Research Lesson
Process for Planning the Lesson

Investigating Teaching Materials

Step 1: Identify the Topic

Step 2: Map the Unit

Step 3: Identify Goals

Step 4: Create the Lesson Plan

Reflecting and Assessing Progress

Moving on to the Next Phase

Key Ideas

5. Teaching, Observing, and Debriefing
Roles and Responsibilities

Preparing for the Observation and Debriefing

The Pre-Observation Meeting

Teaching and Observing the Lesson

Conducting the Debriefing

Preparing for the Revision

Challenges of the Debriefing

Reflecting and Assessing Progress

Moving on to the Next Phase

Key Ideas

6. Revising and Reteaching the Lesson
Why Revise and Reteach?

Process for Revising the Lesson

Step 1: Gather and Review the Data

Step 2: Analyze the Data

Step 3: Identify Needed Changes

Step 4: Revise the Lesson Plan

Challenges of the Revision Process

Reteaching and Focusing the Debriefing

Reflecting and Assessing Progress

Moving on to the Next Phase

Key Ideas

7. Reflecting and Sharing Results
Importance of Reflection

Lesson Study Reports

Process for Developing the Report

Alternatives to a Report

Evaluating Lesson Study

Tying Reflection and Evaluation to a New Cycle of Lesson Study

Key Ideas

8. Growing and Sustaining Lesson Study
Maintaining Momentum

Dealing With Turnover

Adding Teams and Sites

Embedding Lesson Study

Hosting an Open House

Goals for Teacher Learning

Final Thoughts

Resource A: Sample Research Lessons
Resource B: Frequently Asked Questions
Resource C: Additional Resources
Key features
  • Features group activities
  • Lesson Study examples are based in the US, not Japan
  • Addresses the pitfalls and obstacles that lesson study teams will likely face
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Provides hands-on models, strategies, and tools

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